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Our aim, your trust – By people, for people

Our products and services are provided by people for people. Therefore, acknowledging human rights, diversity and an inclusive way of operating is central for us.

A responsible and ethical way of conducting business means caring for our team members, for our customers and suppliers and for the local communities where we operate.

SMC Group is, as an integrated member of society, alongside the pursuit of corporate profit, SMC recognizes a “Social Responsibility” to stabilize people’s lives and to contribute to societies’ healthy economic development.

We endeavour to become broadly useful to society by acting ethically according to the below.

Our ethical & corporate principals:

1. To comply with laws and rules
2. To earn trust from customers and suppliers
3. To win the support and understanding of shareholders and investors
4. To respect the personality of the Company’s employees, to prohibit discrimination and to create pleasant environment at workplace
5. To communicate with society
6. To maintain good relationship with governmental and administrative agencies
7. To adequately deal with anti-social forces groups and any other relevant party
8. To work on environmental issues
9. To set corporate ethical structure proactively

Interested in learning more on “SMC Group Ethical and Corporate Principals”?

Find the full detailed standards to be complied by all officers and employees (including temporary workers, temporary employees dispatched from human resource companies and other relevant employees) of SMC Group companies. SMC also requests SMC Group companiesʼ suppliers (including service providers) to respect the purpose of this Code of Conduct. As well you can learn all about “SMC Group Code of Conduct” based on the prior.

We care about the future of engineering

Believing and investing in the future engineers


We care about the future of engineering

Believing and investing in the future engineers


Our planet matters. People matters. Because we care for both, we act in ways to create a more sustainable and better shared future.