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Together with our customer & suppliers

Aiming for your trust To earn trust from customers and suppliers

Trust through energy efficiency activities

Earn trust from our customers, at SMC means improving their energy efficiency, as part of our commitment towards sustainability to our customer´s profitability.These com

mitments translate in our multiple energy efficiency activities worldwide that range from seminars, webinars, audits or specific technical support on the matter.

SMC Group Code of Conduct

We will compete in a free and fair manner. In addition, we will strive to earn trust from customers by adequately providing products, services and correct product information that address customersʼ needs. We will establish relationship of mutual trust with our clients and suppliers through free and fair business relations, and aim for mutual development. 1 We will keep the customer-first policy and strive to provide excellent products and services. 2 We will pay attention to the safety of products and endeavor to take appropriate safety-related measures. 3 We will not engage in any unfair trade practice, such as that in violation of the relevant antitrust laws. 4 We will respect intellectual properties of customers, other companies and individuals, and at the same time maintain the intellectual properties and brand of the SMC Group. 5 We will conduct strict management of not only trade secrets and personal information of customers and business partners, but also those of our company.