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We care about our local communities

We believe in the investment, of corporate resources in the local communities where SMC do business, as part of our natural contribution to society development.

Working with and for our local communities

To give back to the communities that give us so much, we play our part by contributing in the different areas where we operate and support organisations such as:

  • The Wilhelm Leuschner School award-winning bee project. Appropriately trained teachers train pupils to beekeepers to look after the 2 bee colonies and to give them a better understanding of nature and nature conservation (Egelsbach, Headquarters of SMC Germany)

  • The willen hospice is the charity chosen this year, by SMC UK, to support in the Milton Keynes community where their headquarters are.

  • SOS Children's Villages, Corona research (2020) Heart & Lung disease research (2019) (SMC SE)

  • Annual participation on the Téléthon, organized by the French Association against Myopathies to finance research projects on neuromuscular genetic diseases

  • Special Olympics sponship by SMC Austria

  • Retirement house, Jevišovka, supported by SMC Czech Republic

  • Civil association support for disabled girl "Everything for Rebeca", Trávnica, Slovakia

  • Sponsorship of the Technical University Sofia Racing Team by SMC Bulgaria

  • Animal welfare organization: Orpheus Állatvédő Egyesület, Szeged, funded by SMC Hungary


Emergency response

Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, fires or earthquakes have a truly devastating effect on a community. That’s why we support several initiatives that offer help to these communities after a natural disaster occurs. In 2019, SMC donated to the “Kamaishi City Rugby Children’s Future Fund” and the “Kamaishi City Sports Promotion Fund”  as part of cooperation for supporting recovery from the earthquake disaster (SMC Tono Factory Japan).


Participating in green conservation activities by the greenery trust

SMC participates in green conservation activities organized by the Saitama Greenery Trust Association. SMC employees in Japan take part in weeding, pruning and cleaning activities such as raking of leaves, and other activities to preserve the local greenery.

We care about our employees

The safety, well-being and growth of our team members


We care about the future of engineering

Believing and investing in the future engineers


Our planet matters. People matters. Because we care for both, we act in ways to create a more sustainable and better shared future.