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SMC, the world leader in pneumatic automation systems, has a trusted partnership with confectionary and chocolate producers and their machine builders. This means we work not only in harmony with the machine builder’s needs for the process sector, but also with the final chocolate producing companies ready to process the cocoa beans and to deliver the final chocolate products.


Overview of chocolate production process

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The key aspects of the process such as viscosity, temperature and line-process speed are the factors to be taken care of, so as to guarantee the excellence of the final product. Controlling and monitoring these parameters will help not only in reducing machine downtime and unplanned stoppages, but also identifying optimum process conditions, leading to improved productivity and premium quality chocolate products.

Paolo Tornavacca | Client Group Manager, SMC Italy

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The fine art of chocolate manufacturing using SMC solutions

 By Paolo Tornavacca, Client Group Manager, SMC Italia

MARCH 2022
Refining is arguably the most important process in chocolate production as it determines the consistency and texture of the final product. We know from experience that only by using high-quality, high-performance industrial control and automation solutions, backed up with global support on a local level, will builders of chocolate refining machinery succeed in gaining market share.

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SMC hits the sweet spot at chocolate machinery manufacturer

 By Wim de Vos, Sales Engineer, SMC Belgium

MARCH 2022
The class-leading service and breadth of products available from SMC is helping a leading machine builder to maintain and extend its prominent position in a highly competitive global market. HACOS designs, produces and installs high-quality chocolate manufacturing machines that spur the development and growth of every size of chocolatier, from artisans to large industrial producers. The company builds from small to very large machines that cover all chocolate manufacturing processes, necessitating the use of a high-calibre technology partner with a proven track record in industrial control and automation.

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Wafer oven OEM tastes success with SMC solutions

 By Karl-Heinz Ursch, Senior Sales Expert, SMC Austria

MARCH 2022
One of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium baking ovens for the large-scale industrial production of wafers is using SMC air-blow technology to reduce the energy required for a key cleaning process. In this article we set out the solutions and products that turned this ambition into a reality.

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