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Machine tools are an integral part of the manufacturing process and indispensable to the industry, particularly for those reliant on interchangeable components. The category includes a wide range of equipment - lathes, presses, milling machines, laser cutters, shapers – and makes up a significant proportion of all manufacturing devices. Machine tools are therefore a key component of the global market. Europe produces 35% of the machine tools in the world (European Association of the Machine Tool Industries CECIMO, 18 June 2019). This is a substantial figure that cannot be ignored.
Nowadays, the main challenge for machine tool companies is to train mechanical, electronic and electrical engineers in the smart and flexible manufacturing processes that result in more productive lines with shorter cycle times. SMC’s global presence allows us to be close to our customers, understanding their needs and developing products that adapt to the challenges they face, taking into account the latest industry trends such as reducing weight and consumption, and increasing precision.
At SMC we make your machines more competitive thanks to our wide range of industrial automation products, from air treatment to laser equipment. Discover some of our solutions below.

"Die Werkzeugmaschinenindustrie hat sich mit der Entwicklung sowohl der Hardware-Technologie als auch der Software-Anwendungen weiterentwickelt. Maschinen sind heute schneller, intelligenter und vielseitiger. Wir bei SMC haben dazu Lösungen entwickelt, damit sie sich der Herausforderung stellen und unseren Kunden den Vorsprung bieten können, den ihre Maschinen benötigen."

Werner Baumann | Distribution manager

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