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MY3M, Mechanical Joint Rodless Cylinder, Slide Bearing Type

MY3M, Mechanical Joint Rodless Cylinder, Slide Bearing Type
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  • Work pieces can be loaded directly onto the work table, this is due to the integrated slide bearing guide.
  • Also the loading capacity compared to MY3A & MY3B is improved.
  • The unique oval shaped piston allows reduction in height and length as well as the practical arrangement of the common piping passages, cushion mechanism and positioning mechanism.
  • This has achieved drastic miniaturisation and weight reduction.
  • Overall length (Z) reduced by up to 104mm. (Ø63).
  • Overall height (H) reduced by up to 28%.Ø63).
  • Overall weight reduced by up to 50%. (Ø16)>/il>Option for Rc, G or NPT type port threads. (Ø25 to Ø63)

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