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3000 Series

3000 Series
  • SJ3000, 10mm
  • Instead of lead wires, a card-edge type connector is used for the electrical interconnection.
  • High space savings in comparison to existing SZ3000 series.
  • A maximum of 32 solenoids: up to 16 double solenoids valves in one manifold for a SI unit with 32 output points.
  • Power improvements.
  • Different manifold variations.
  • A locking switch mechanism firmly hooks the valves one by one by using a clip.
  • A manual locking switch mechanism prevents accidental operation of manual override.
  • Service life of 50 million cycles or more.
  • Compatible with extremely thin tubing.
  • Ø2 one-touch fitting connection is possible and easily replaceable, type and size, by removing a clip.


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