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Buy ARG20(K)~40(K), Regulator w/Built-in Pressure Gauge online | SMC UK

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ARG20(K)~40(K), Regulator w/Built-in Pressure Gauge

ARG20(K)~40(K), Regulator w/Built-in Pressure Gauge
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This product is being discontinued and will be replaced by ARG-B series.One of the most frequent requests from machine builders and manufacturers with production facilities is for the development of smaller, easier to use, components which require less installation and general maintenance time.Research engineers from SMC, the world's leading automation experts, have clearly recognised this requirement with the launch of their comprehensive range of new regulators and filter regulators with built in pressure gauges - Series ACG/ARG/AWG.Developed initially to achieve space savings and reduced labour costs when panel mounting regulator and filter regulator units. This latest range of compressed air supply components feature integral, non rotating, pressure gauges inside a unique adjustable handle thereby eliminating the need to install separate pressure controls.Offering excellent visibility, Series ACG/ARG/AWG can be clearly seen and adjusted even when mounted in those difficult areas such as close to the floor, or even when side mounted high up a wall.Performance can be set using simple limit indicators, which can be easily adjusted by removing the one-touch see through gauge cover. Additionally, the mounting angle of the gauge can also be selected from four directions 0º, 90º, 180º and 270º in relation to the piping direction.Designed for use with air, up to a maximum operating pressure of 1.0MPa, with ambient fluid temperature range of between -5ºC to 60ºC these innovative regulators have been designed to fully integrate with SMC´s existing range of FRL units.

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