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Battery manufacturing industry

Our battery of expertise for reliable production

The battery industry has become increasingly popular in recent years, given that its field of use has expanded from small electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, to hybrid and electric vehicles, large-capacity energy storage devices, and robot industries such as drones.

The production of batteries brings customers big challenges, as ensuring high safety levels is a must, always being aware of the environmental issues. Furthermore, having the agility and speed the market is demanding is the way to ensure an optimum time-to market in such an exponentially growing industry.

Overview of battery production process

Each part of the battery manufacturing process will vary depending not only on the battery manufacturer, but also on the environmental requirements that the different components will have to fulfil. Understanding and complying with the different conditions throughout the process is the key for achieving the reliability you seek, guaranteeing crucial aspects such as quality, safety and effectiveness.

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Saeyeong Jeong ǀ Team Lead Battery manufacturing industry, SMC CEE

“SMC has, for years, been supplying components to leading global battery manufacturers, located mainly in Asia and that are expanding worldwide. The expertise and know-how we have acquired during this time is our main strength to help our customers face the new challenges of the industry.”

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