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Your safety in our focus

Creating confidence with confidence. SMC is an innovative, reliable and strong partner for pneumatic and electrical automation technology. We accompany our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their plant and, for all relevant safety issues, we have competent and professional solutions at your disposal.

From individually designed machines to highly complex systems, we not only meet all the requirements for flexibility and productivity, but also for smooth user and operational safety.

To also ensure this in your company, we offer innovative and tailor-made safety solutions and ISO 13849-compliant safety components. Achieving the highest possible risk minimisation and protecting machine operators is the focus here.

The success of the whole lies in the detail For all questions about your safety technology, we rely on personal commitment. We have a large customer care team throughout Europe and a wide distribution network. For you this means: Our competent team is directly in your area and is available for you by way of personal contact.

The focus is on the safety between man and machine

Get information on safety-related parameters for our products

Obtain all safety-relevant key figures and download the SISTEMA files you require. This free software tool, together with our validated product data, will help you to build your safety function in a quick and reliable way.

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See for yourself how SMC can assist you with 6 tailor-made machinery safety services

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