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SMC’s solutions for robotics

Your right arm

Robots and humans are forced to work hand in hand: industrial robots running more and more production plants, humans contributing their skills for strategic thinking, invention and detail.

With a close relationship with our customers – our inspiration – SMC products are used to find and create solutions that were not previously thought possible.

We consider, SMC can be “Your right arm” in Robotics, our international teams of Experts are ready to support you with your daily challenges and our local and European technical centres ready to develop any customised solution you might need.

Discover our key solutions for robotics below: collaborative, innovative, compact, lightweight and enduring. Easy & Flexible.
Further down, do not miss how SMC solutions can specifically boost welding, painting and handling applications. Moreover, there are even more benefits at your disposal; with the end effector range we can offer for collaborative robots.

Are you keen on a technical approach to Robotics?

Download SMC’s Expert Report and discover more in-depth how the current challenges are taking industrial robots to the next level. Learn how to make your robots Industry 4.0-proof, taking advantage of innovative, compact and flexible components together with collaborative solutions to become more competitive.

Discover our key solutions for robotics

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Do not miss how SMC solutions can specifically boost your applications

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