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Vacuum Manifold for Fieldbus System - ZKJ

Control your vacuum remotely & efficiently

  • Communicate remotely – Control and monitor up to 16 ejectors via PROFINET
  • Down your energy and production costs – Energy-saving function, M12 connector and easy filter maintenance
  • Guarantee endurance – IP65 protection enclosure for medium/harsh environments
  • Prevent the sudden drop of workpieces – N.O. supply valve holds vacuum when the power goes out.

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  • Nozzle size: Ø 0.7, Ø 1.0, Ø 1.2, Ø 1.5
  • Suction flow rate of up to 74 l/min
  • Max. vacuum pressure of -89 kPa
  • Exhaust specifications: port exhaust, high-noise reduction silencer
  • Easy replacement of filter element.

  • The manifold model number cannot be ordered alone. Please refer to the Catalogue for details and contact SMC through the 'Ask our experts' button on the right.

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Nominal Nozzle Size
Vacuum Port (V), Supply Port (P)
Combination of Supply and Release Valve
Rated voltage
Light/surge voltage suppressor
Pressure sensor