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Main line air filter selector

Find the most suitable air filtration

Selecting an air filter can be a rough task if you are not familiar with the wide range of SMC’s catalogues. That is why the main line air filter selectors are the suitable tools for the job.

By introducing the requirements of particle, water and oil filtration, our software will guide you through a selection that will take into account the pressure and flow rate capacity of the application. This way, you will guarantee the optimum service of your pneumatic system just by finding the right combination.

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Series Included

High flow capacity filters:

  • AMG: Water Separator
  • AFF: Main Line Filter
  • AFF[]D: Main Line Filter/thinner stainless steel bowl
  • AM: Mist Separator
  • AM[]D: Mist Separator/thinner stainless steel bowl
  • AMD70~90D, Micro Mist Separator
  • AMD: Micro Mist Separator
  • AMD[]D: Micro Mist Separator/thinner stainless steel bowl
  • AMH: Micro Mist Separator with Pre-filter
  • AME: Super Mist Separator
  • AMF: Odor Removal Filter

Modular filters:

  • AFF-D: Line Filter
  • AM-D: Mist Separator
  • AMD-D: Micro Mist Separator
  • AMK-D: Activated Carbon Filter
  • IDG-D: Membrane Air Dryer


  • The sizing and calculation results obtained from this Software can differ from those obtained using actual equipment.
  • SMC is not responsible for any damage incurred in the use of this Software.
  • This Software and the equipment contained in it are subject to change without prior notice.
  • SMC does not warrant the quality with this Software including any of the accuracy of the sizing and calculation results obtained from this Software.
  • When using any equipment contained in this Software, please read the "Safety Instructions", "Precautions", "Specific Product Precautions" and "Specifications" described in the manual for the equipment.
  • Please note that images are displayed for reference only and not necessarily represent the result of your selection.

System requirements

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