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Do you have lots of questions regarding your application? Don’t worry, here are some answers

There are a lot of questions applicants ask themselves before or during the application process. A number of manuals give general assistance on these topics. Application guidelines can differ from company to company, therefore you will find here some support and insider tips for your application at SMC.

Valuable facts about your applications

Correct application - direct or proactive?

Because our advertised jobs are always combined with a concrete demand, the prospects of success of a direct job application are basically higher.

Nevertheless, proactive applications are equally interesting for SMC, if for instance, a job is already planned but not published yet.

Proactive applications should indicate in which position you would see yourself and which kind of working field you prefer.

Where does my application arrive after sending it?

First of all you sent application ends up at our responsible Human Resources Department.

Can I send a written application?

An electronic application via online form or E-Mail has the advantage that we can process and forward your documents faster, directly and in a very simple way. A further bonus is the cost saving for application files and the postage as well as the advantage that we receive your application faster.

For this reason we prefer your application via E-Mail.

How does the application process proceed?

At Human Resources every incoming application is screened for the first time and checked for completeness. If your personal career corresponds to the profile of the vacant position, we will pass your documents on to the responsible department to be verified there. If your acquirements fit to our requirements our Human Resources department will invite you to an interview.