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Series C96/CP96: ISO Cylinders

Series C96/CP96 Unique combination of light weight and top mechanical specifications

Our new, improved C(P)96 cylinder is both ISO 15552 and CNOMO approved, and benefits from reduced weight and improved auto-switch mounting thanks to its unique design. Available in standard bore sizes from 32mm to 125mm, this new double acting cylinder takes standarisation to another level.

Great variety of made to order options as well as related products offer a big portfolio of options as standard products.

- Standard
- Non rotating Rod
- Smooth cylinder

Multiple made to order options to meet specific requirements

 For special enviroments:
•  Heat resistant cylinder (-10 to 150°C)
•  Cold resistance (-40 to 70°C)
•  With heavy duty scraper
•  Tie-rod, cushion valve and tie-rod nut made of stainless steel
•  Piston rod and rod end nut made of stainless steel
•  With coil scraper
•  Fluororubber seals
•  ATEX compliant cylinder

 For adjusting cylinder stroke:
•  Dual stroke cylinder / Double rod
•  Dual stroke cylinder / Single rod
 For additional mounting:
•  Change of guide rod end shape
•  Change of trunnion bracket position


With the most innovative range of related products to achieve the best performance


Maximum flexibility for auto-switch mounting


• CNOMO and circular grooves are set on all four sides.
• Auto-switches can slide in the round grooves with no need for accessories.

Perfect for use with our easy to set 2-colour indication solid state auto switch, Series D-M9W

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