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Series SY3000/5000: 5 Port Solenoid Valve

Improve the performance and reliability of your machine with the next generation of solenoid valves and manifolds from SMC

Many automation experts would agree that programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are the brains behind the majority of automated processes with integrated solenoid valves and manifolds being the heart of a machine – effectively controlling the power to drive the machine's moving parts.

And, just like a human being, when a machine´s operational health suffers and downtime costs start to spiral out of control, problems of reliability can often be traced back its heart – the solenoid valves and manifolds.

Compact size and high flow

Outstanding flow characteristics while maintaining compact size, ensures the required flow in your application.

68% and 44% increase flow from previous models.

- Improve flow rate contributes to a reduction of the application cycle time, improving productivity.
- Size and cost saving when operating medium size cylinder (ø50, ø63).


Mixed mounting is possible in the same manifold

Both sizes SY3000 and SY5000 can be mounted on the same manifold.

Benefit: actuators of different sizes and with different flow requirements can be handled with same manifold, enabling air saving.

Flexible piping
Direction, size and type of the piping can be changed

Other options
• Back pressure check valve
  This prevents cylinder malfunction caused by the exhaust from other valves

• Double check spacer with residual pressure release valve
  Long time or intermediate stop and position holding are possible

• SUP stop valve spacer with residual pressure release valve
  Air supply to each valve can be stopped individually.
  The valve and cylinder can be replaced without stopping other devices and equipment

• Slide manual override provides better visibility
  ON/OFF operation and locking can be performed with the manual slide (available as option)

• 4-position dual 3-port valve available (Rubber seal type only)

Find easily the solution your application needs with the new SY3000/5000 5 port solenoid valve

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