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  SMC racks up success with its new thermo chiller  

SMC is ‘racking up’ success with its new thermo chiller. Designed to comply with standard mounting dimensions, the peltier type chiller HECR Series can be mounted within a 19 inch rack system. This system not only saves space, as the HECR can be housed with other equipment in racks, but also saves installation and piping time. Aimed at the specialist medical, electronic, chemical and laser industries that require accurate temperature control, the HECR offers market leading temperature stability of ±0.01 to 0.03 °C. By optimising the machine’s performance, productivity and process quality is also increased. Thanks to its compressor-less structure there are no moving parts, reducing vibration and noise levels to as little as 49 dB. It can also control the number of fan rotations depending on the load, so the lighter the cooling load, the quieter the operation. It’s smaller in design than its predecessors, with an overall reduction in height of 55% and volume ratio of 36%. Further savings are achieved due to a simple three-step operation with self-diagnosis and check display that includes 14 different alarms. It has an additional automatic temperature control function managed by an external temperature sensor. Fluid can also be added without the need to remove the HECR from the rack and a drain pan removes the risk of fluid leaking onto other equipment placed in lower racks. Available in two sizes – HECR002 and HECR010 – this thermo chiller series is truly flexible with a cooling capacity of 200 W and 1 kW, heating capacity of 600 W and 2 kW and set temperature range of 10 to 60 °C. It’s also efficient to operate, consuming as little as 400 W and being refrigeration free, it’s environmentally friendly too. From its original pneumatics roots dating back to 1959, SMC now has a team of 1,400 R&D engineers and is recognised as the worldwide leading expert in the pneumatics industry. The company offers more than 12,000 basic products with over 700,000 variations and has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information about SMC and its quality products visit www.smc.eu

  April 2015  

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