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January 2015  

The power of 3

Dear Reader.

When Winston Churchill gave his first speech as Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940, he ended up coining a phrase that has been part of the language ever since:
"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat."
Our collective sensibilities took a perfectly good four-word phrase, and somehow remembered it as three words: "I have nothing to offer but blood, sweat and tears."

Itīs a prime example of the rule of three.
It's a fact that information presented in groups of three sticks in our heads better than other clusters of items. Famous writers and speakers are well aware of the Rule of 3. Obama himself is one of the biggest followers; his famous "Yes we can" speech includes more than a dozen triplets.

In Chinese culture 3 is the lucky number. If you find yourself a genie he will grant you 3 wishes, not 2, and not 4. 3 is the minimum to accept as a pattern: if it happens once, itīs a fluke; if it happens twice, itīs a coincidence. But three times? Now you have something.

3 is the number of choices our brain prefers. We like to have choices, but not too many choices. So 3 choices enable us to avoid the ones that are too hot and too cold, too big and too small, and select the one that is just right.

So we will start the year embracing the power of 3 and presenting the latest thermo chiller that grants you 3 savings. Start the year with us and the power of 3.

The European Marketing Centre
SMC Corporation

  Innovations at a glance
Series HRSH - Circulating Fluid Thermo-Chiller
Triple savings at the right temperature


SMCīs first product of the year is Series HRSH, which incorporates a new concept: the triple inverter. This will give you energy, space and labour savings.

 How Series HRSH will improve things for You.

• It will Cut your Costs

• It will ease and reduce maintenance work

• It will give you peace of mind - steady temperature stability at ±0.1°

• It will nicely adapt to your application - There are several models to choose from.

For all Series HRSH, please click here >>>>

 Main Technical Features

Reduced Power Consumption - The triple inverter individually controls the compressor motor, the fan and the pump and subsequently uses up to 53% less power in comparison to a non-inverter.

Mechanical seal-less immersion pump, makes it unnecessary to check the pump leakages periodically or to replace the seal.

• The circulating fluid can be heated without the use of a heater, even during the winter months, by using the hot gas exhausted from the compressor circuit.

• Large cooling capacity range of 9.5kW to 25kW.

  More innovations this month


Series SFE - Clean Exhaust Filter
Simplify things

• Simplify piping - air can be directly exhausted in a clean room. No need for extra piping. You will directly benefit from space and cost reduction.

• Simplify elements - You get a filter and a silencer in one product. Again, a straight cost-related benefit.

• Simplify connexion - with the one-touch fitting.

For all Series SFE, please click here >>>>

Series ZP2V Ext - Vacuum Saving Valve with One-touch fitting
Easily reduce your air consumption

• Its new one-touch fitting makes its connexion very simple.

• Gives you optimal vacuum efficiency:

- Only allows suction when the cup is in contact with the piece. Vacuum can be activated earlier with no extra air consumption.

- When several pads are operated, there is no air consumption in those pads not directly holding the piece.

• Guarantees handling leaving no marks on the piece unlike mechanical contact systems.

For all Series ZP2V, please click here >>>>

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