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February 2015  

Do you know who organised the most expensive dinner in history?

Dear Reader.

She was surely one of the greatest women of all times. She was certainly very demanding given that she required 20 servants to prepare her daily bath consisting of the milk from 700 lactating donkeys. Moreover, she used to verify the effectiveness of poisons by giving them to her slaves...

Although the dinner we are referring to didnīt earn her place in history, it was certainly one of her best performances. Her name is Cleopatra and she was the last Queen of Egypt who ruled the empire of the Nile from 55-51 BC, and her fascinating personality managed to captivate two of the greatest Roman Emperors.

The story is as follows: It came about as the result of a playful bet between Cleopatra and her husband Mark Antony, probably plainly bored from luxury and excesses. "I bet I can throw the most expensive dinner the world has ever seen, it will cost up to 10,000,000 sesterces ($500,000 on the gold standard)" she is claimed to have said. Thinking this impossible, Marc Antony accepted the bet.
When the day came, her servant placed an innocent-looking glass of vinegar and a plate on an empty table. Cleopatra calmly removed her pearl earrings, (made of rare black pearls estimated to be worth $500,000) put them in the glass and then drank the contents. Stunned, but impressed, Mark Antony was forced to admit she had won.

Probably one had to be demanding in order to rule back in those days and, surely for having your name for ever in the history books you needed a few polished and astonishing performances. Conscious of this fact, we cannot offer anything but the best performer for your high demanding applications: Series LECYM-LECYU driver. Welcome to the February edition of e-matters.

The European Marketing Centre
SMC Corporation

  Innovations at a glance
Series LECYM - LECYU - MECHATROLINK Compatible AC Servo Motor Driver
The high-performance controller for high demanding applications


Aware of the fact that some applications require great dynamics, we are launching our latest controller which, in combination with MECHATROLINK masters, can satisfy interpolation with multi-axes systems at high speed requirements.
Series LECYM-LECYU will keep up with the high demands of your application in terms of the high cadence and accuracy stipulated.

Compatible with SMCīs following actuators: Series LEF, LEJ &
LEY (G).

 How Series LECY will improve things for You.

• By providing you with the most precise control of movements while executing at a high working cadence.

By enhancing safety & providing shorter machine cycles.

For all Series LECYM - LECYU, please click here >>>>

 Main Technical Features

• Absolute 20-bit control encoder - With resolution of 1048576 p/rev

Integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) Function, which prevents the drives from restarting unexpectedly.

Minimum Communication cycle - 250 µs for Series LECYM MECHATROLINK-II and 125 µs 100 Mbps for Series LECYU MECHATROLINK-III.

• Number of connectable drivers: up to 30 units for Series LECYM MECHATROLINK-II and 62 for Series LECYU MECHATROLINK-III

  More innovations this month


Cylinders with Stable Lubrication Function
Are you up for increasing cylinder durability?

• If you work in micro-powder environments (from 10 to 100 ĩm) these are the cylinders you need.

• Their lube retainers multiply the service life of the cylinders by 4: applicable to Series CM2-Z, CG1-Z, CA2-Z, CQS, CQ2-Z, MXQ-A, MGP-Z, CXS.

Interchangeable with Standard models. (Except in Series CXS and in sizes 6 and 8 of the Series MXQ. More details in PDF Catalogue).

For all Cylinders with Stable Lubrication Function, please click here >>>>

Series HRS030 / 060 - Circulating Fluid Thermo-chiller
Improve the performance and reliability of your machine
2 New Sizes now available to guarantee you get the exact size you need to ensure the quality of your process.

Cooling capacity: 2600 W & 4900 W. Other available models: 1100 W, 1700 W, 2100 W & 4700 W.

• Compact & Lightweight which achieves space savings.

• All with Advanced Set of control Functions to guarantee reliability: such as key-lock, or power failure functions, self-diagnosis or the possibility of remote control.

For all Series HRS, please click here >>>>

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