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March 2015

The story behind baggy basketball shorts

Dear Reader.

As you are reading this, one of the biggest sporting events in the year is taking place in the United States: The March Madness. Over the course of 3 weeks, 68 college basketball teams compete to win it all, to be the best among the best. According to Business Insider "the event has grown to be the second most popular sports showcase for advertisers behind the NFL playoffs and ahead of the NBA".

If we talk about the best, and best basketball, inevitably we need to talk about who is "by acclamation, the greatest basketball player of all times" (NBA official web site). Michael Jordan. Jordan played the March Madness with the University of North Carolina from 1981 to 1984, where he used to wear the "short shorts" which were the common garb of the era, and for a generation or two earlier, exhibited by another two greats such as Larry Bird or Magic Johnson.

Jordanīs shorts were of special importance to him. According to Jordanīs official NBA biography, when he made his way into the NBA, he wanted to keep his college experience close, so he wore his North Carolina shorts under his NBA ones. This decision, according to the NBAīs website, had an interesting side effect: Michael Jordanīs UNC short shorts wouldnīt fit under his Chicago Bulls short shorts, so he had to wear baggy, knee-length Bulls shorts instead. In doing so, he broke the mold cast by players before him.

So, "His Airness" legacy to basketball goes far beyond the 41,011 minutes, 32,292 points and even the countless breathtaking moments where he was literally flying to the basketball hoop. Michael Air Jordanīs personal style was just as authentic and unique as his basketball skills.

And in the air business as we are, in March we cannot present you with anything but the best Air Slide Table of all times. Keep on reading and discover why it is authentic and unique. Welcome to the March edition of e-matters.

The European Marketing Centre
SMC Corporation

  Innovations at a glance

Series MXQ-Z - Air Slide Table

Packed with features; simply the best

     Its main and unique feature lies in the fact that the table shares one guide for 4 different bodies. A type, double ported type. B Type, low thrust with high rigidity. C Type, single side ported and the Basic type, height interchangeable with previous model. So you can select the air slide table that adapts best to your requirements.

  MXQ-Z is the Best Air Slide Table because:

  • Highly reduced structural dimensions (length, width, height
    & weight) which makes it ideal for dynamic applications.
  • Has the widest central linear guide which gives it
    maximum precision and rigidity.
  • Its compact design and its low height eliminate oscillations
    and vibrations.
 • Deflection reduced - stroke adjuster positioned in the centre
  • Great service life.
  • An intelligent, spring-loaded buffer, which absorbs impact will
    protect your machine, the table itself and the workpiece. (Option)

For all Series MXQ-Z information, please click here >>>>

   Main Characteristics of its Multiple
   Technical Features

  • Available in: Ø6, Ø8, Ø12, Ø16, Ø20 &
    Ø25 mm.
  • Several Stroke adjuster options: metal
    stopper with bumper, shock absorber &
    rubber bumper.
  • Capable of side by side mounting with only
    3 mm space.
  • Functional options: With buffer mechanism,
    end lock and axial piping.
  • Other options (made to order): centralised
    adapter, anti-corrosive guide unit, grease for
    food processing equipment, PTFE grease,
    EPDM seal or fluororubber seal.
  • Auto switch flexibility: lateral grooves, round
    auto switches (D-M9*) can be mounted, as
    well as 2-colour indication solid state auto
    switches. (D-M9*W)

  More innovations this month

Series New VM 100 / 200 - 2/3 Port Mechanical Valve

Compact, Simple & Flexible
Newest version of a valve ideal for confirming the position of pieces, to be used as a manual valve for pneumatic control panels or even for vacuum applications. Its main benefits for you are:

  • Long & trouble-free service life thanks to its simple construction.
  • It requires little mounting space due to its compact dimension.
  • It will give you flexibility for machine design thanks to its several mounting options.

For all Series New VM 100 / 200 information, please click here >>>>


Series CK1-Z - Clamp Cylinder

Now providing the smooth performance you need

  • Its built-in speed controllers will give you smoothness, will cut your labour costs and
    give you space savings.
  • Get the air cushioning you need - Air cushion selected in one or both ends and can
    be adjusted as needed.
  • Several options for magnetic field resistant auto switch mounting - they can
    be mounted in 3 directions and itīs possible to use an auto switch mounting rod.
  • Pipe it as your machine requires - Piping ports located on 3 surfaces.

For all Series CK1-Z information, please click here >>>>
  Helping you with your machine design
Already available on SMCīs Web Site, the Newest online Version of the SY Configurator. It contains the same features as the downloadable version (SY v.2.0) but completely online so you do not have to download it to start designing.

With the SY configurator you will be able to:
  • Design the exact manifold that meets your specific
  • Get dimensions and manifold weight.
    - Download complete assembly in CAD.
    - Comprehensive part list - Get quotation document
      to simplify ordering.

Series Includes:
- EX600, EX510, EX500, EX260, EX250, EX126, EX120
  Serial Interface.
- D-Sub (IP67/IP40), flat ribbon, PC wiring, circular
  connector, terminal block & lead wire.

And, if any doubt arises, SMC experts are on hand to help you out.

Start designing with SY Configurator online now.

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