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April 2015

How is yours?

Dear Reader.

On the 30th of April 1905, Albert Einstein published the Theory of Special Relativity, stating that the speed of light in a vacuum was independent of the motion of the observers. With this, he introduced the concept of the relativity of space and time.

Here we are not going to debate total vacuum, or space-time relativity. Instead, let´s talk about space, or the lack of it, but in a more mundane sense. A month ago a picture came to light that was taken back in 1955 by Ralph Morse, LIFE magazine photographer. The picture featured Einstein´s desk. Einstein shares one thing with Steve Jobs, Mark Twain, Alexander Fleming, Francis Bacon and Mark Zuckerberg (to name a few): very messy workplaces.

A study conducted recently by the University of Minnesota claimed that creativity is a benefit of this habit: “people with a messy desk are more prone to creativity and risk taking, while people at cleaner desks tend to follow strict rules and are less likely to try new things or take risks”. Furthermore, the research claims that when you’re generating ideas and concepts, it could help to have a messier desk. However, when you’re trying to be productive, getting a specific task accomplished, or simply need to execute on a creative concept, cleaning your desk can “trade in” your creativity for efficiency.

Vacuum, Theory. Space. Benefits. Productivity. Creativity and Efficiency. These are the ingredients in this month´s e-Matters. In April, vacuum means benefits and this month the theory is put into practice, to increase your productivity and efficiency. Welcome to the April edition of e-Matters.

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SMC Corporation

  Vacuum means benefits with SMC

Can you imagine getting your vacuum solutions from your pneumatics supplier?
Can you imagine that same supplier being able to supply solutions for generation, handling and monitoring of vacuum?

Can you imagine being able to do all the above while cutting your costs?

Series ZK2 Vacuum Unit

The all-in-one energy saving vacuum solution

     ZK2 is an all-in-one solution because it incorporates: a supply valve, release valve, vacuum switch, vacuum break flow adjustment needle, suction filter and silencer, in one product. Thus it provides you with immediate savings in installation and maintenance expenditure.

ZK2 is an energy saving solution as it provides efficient air consumption thanks to a 2-stage ejector which in principle increases air suction by 50% while reducing the air consumption by 30%. The consumption can be reduced a further 90% if you choose the digital pressure switch with Energy Saving function, which allows intermittent energizing; i.e. the vacuum unit only gets activated when vacuum level falls below the desired value.
So, if you need to generate vacuum why not doing it while at the same time consuming much less air?

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Learn how ZK2 benefited one of our customers

Customer: Pressing Machine OEM
Application: Unit for feeding work pieces to press machine.
Customer Problem: Quality issues & big air consumption.
Our solution: ZK2´s compactness and simplicity of operation made it possible to replace 3 pneumatic elements with only one. At the same time, the air consumption of the equipment was reduced during the process of loading new work pieces and during short-term periods of use.
Customer reported benefits: Reduction of stock, labour and overall running costs; and also, “Air consumption has been reduced dramatically” (Customer´s quote).

Series ZP2V Vacuum Saving Valve

Easily reduce your air consumption

     ZP2V is easy to connect to almost any kind of vacuum pad unit, as it comes in a wide range of male/female threads and one-touch fitting sizes. To start saving easily.

ZP2V reduces air consumption because it only allows suction when the cup is in contact with the piece. Therefore when several pads are operated, there is no air consumption in those pads not directly holding the piece. Operate using optimally efficient vacuum handling.

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Learn how ZP2V benefited one of our customers

Customer: Industrial Robots Manufacturer
Application: Palletizing Robot for different sized items
Customer Problem: Customer wanted to solve vacuum inefficiency problem (within an Energy Saving Activity plan). One of their robots has to manipulate articles of various dimensions (glass, cardboard boxes, etc). So depending on the object to be picked up, a different number of pads are working.
Our solution: ZP2V was the perfect solution as it suppresses the vacuum pressure on the pads that aren´t active, avoiding unnecessary consumption.
Customer reported benefits: After a trial period the customer was convinced about the “big air consumption advantage” of using ZP2V and installed 180 units.

Series ZSE30A 2 Colour Display High Precision Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum

Speed up your setting up time


Insufficient vacuum pressure may negatively affect your production quality. Therefore, it is important to know you´ve got the vacuum level your application requires and control this. But when you need to input the setting conditions for many switches, it can become an ordeal.

ZSE30A incorporates an option that will facilitate and speed up the input of settings. ZSE30A allows settings to be copied onto 10 slave sensors at once; ensuring a significant reduction in labour costs. At the same time, human input errors for settings will be reduced.

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Learn how ZSE30A benefited one of our customers

Customer: Keys and key-cutting machines manufacturer.
Application: Key production vacuum control.
Customer Problem: Vacuum Switches Start-up time. Customer needed to program the vacuum switches in 20 of their machines. With the previous solution this was a very inconvenient and time-consuming process involving         spending an average of 1 hour inputting vacuum levels, hysteresis, and so on, in the 20 devices.
Our solution: ZSE30A makes the job much easier as it can copy the set values of up to 10 other digital pressures switches simultaneously.
Customer reported benefits: Great time & effort saving. “With ZSE30A we need only a tenth of the time to program the switches in all machines, plus its option of locking the screen after inputting the values comes in very useful.”


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