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June 2015

Oh muse sing in me!

Dear Reader.
Creation can be a high pressure moment. It doesn’t matter if it is writing, a machine design or a new layout for your garden. That blank that needs to be filled, mirroring the blank in your mind. Those moments when you need the inspiration, and it doesn’t come. In the Ancient Greece, inspiration was believed to come from the muses. Armed with a laurel branch, their "wondrous voices" singing their verses full of the knowledge of the past and the future, caused the emptiest of minds to become flooded with countless and utterly creative ideas.

Inspiration has evolved through the years, though: from those almost ecstatic moments to more mundane sources of inspiration. Famous painters like Picasso and Dali found theirs through their women. Truman Capote got it from his cigarettes and coffee; well, a coffee that turned into tea that turned into a martini, as the day wore on. Contrary to what the gossips say, Lennon got the inspiration for "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" from one of his son’s school mates, Lucy O’Donnell. Chris Martin, Coldplay’s singer, got the inspiration for Clocks from a night of insomnia.

The last place in the list will be given to F Scott Fitzgerald who, it was claimed, got inspiration from his wife’s diary; allegedly he copied entire paragraphs into his novels. Let’s put this in the same category as the LSD claim for the Beatles song.

So if you are in one of those high pressure moments, just try any of the above inspiration methods. And if it is your application which is under high pressure, you can rely on the latest Electro-pneumatic regulator for accurate control of high pressure applications.

Let´s welcome the summer together
The EMC Team

  Innovations at a glance

Series ITVH - 3.0 MPa Maximum Supply Pressure Electro-Pneumatic Regulator

Accurate control for high pressure applications

     Series ITVH has been designed for any application where accurate and stepless control of air pressure in proportion to electric signal is a must. It has been launched to respond to the demand for air blowing or containment applications, such as driving, sealing or leak testing.

  How Series ITVH will improve things for You:

  • By providing high precision at high pressure
  • Cutting your costs, thanks to its low power consumption
  • Providing space saving, as it is very compact and light

For all Series ITVH information, please click here >>>>

   Main Technical Features:

  • Maximum supply pressure 3.0 MPa
  • Set pressure range 0.2 to 2.0 MPa
  • Fluorine grease is used for any part in
    contact with the fluid
  • Low power consumption - maximum of 3 W
  • Pressure stability of ± 1% F.S. or less.
  • Maximum flow rate 3000 l/min (ANR)
  • Compact and lightweight: 122 high x 62
    wide x 52 long, and approximately 630 g

  More innovations this month


Series INR-244 - Peltier-Type Thermoelectric Bath

Temperature stability that guarantees your process quality

  • Suitable for: temperature control diffusion furnace, of
    samples and reagents or indirect temperature control of
    chemicals and liquids with high viscosity
  • Temperature stability
- ±0.03 °C
  • It provides easy operation and reduces maintenance
due to the lack of refrigerant
  • Two cooling methods available - air-cooled and
  • Tank capacity up to 39 L


For all Series INR-244 information, click here >>>>

Series AS-X737 - Metallic Speed Controller with One-touch Fitting

Control speed in welding applications

  • High environmental resistance thanks to its metallic
  • Transparent spatter cover can also be used for
    preventing the adhesion or entrance of unwanted particles
  • Port Sizes: R 1/8, R 1/4 & R 3/8
  • Applicable tubing O.D.: Ø6, Ø8 & Ø10
  • Ambient and fluid temperature: -5 to 60 °C

For all Series AS-X737 information, click here >>>>

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