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July 2015

And the future arrived

Dear Reader.

It was the 3rd of July of 1985 when Doc and Marty McFly first took our imaginations "Back to the Future". The future that the Delorean explored was... 2015! Now weíve reached the future, so letís see if the future is like what Back to the Future predicted.

To start with, and to our regret, two of coolest gadgets were a bit of an over-optimistic prediction. First there were the flying cars. American company Terrafugia is indeed putting the final touches to a prototype which they are hoping will see the light of day in a couple of years; though we donít know if air traffic control plans have been drafted yet. Secondly, who didnít dream of riding the hoverboard?! Well, thereís good news: another American company, Arx Pax, will release the very first models in October this year. They do hover, one inch (!); so perhaps not as sleek as Martyís, but definitely a good start. Have $10,000 ready if you fancy one.

Next were the self-tying shoes. Nike gave it a try in 2011 with the Nike Mag Air: same design as Martyís, but elastic bands instead of power laces; not really the same thing, is it? And fast food is still cooked slowly and not in 6 seconds like the de-hydrated pizza the McFlys had for dinner.
On the plus side, fashion trends took us far away from the double tie and Spielberg didnít actually release 19 "Jaws" films, but only 4.

In terms of Automation we do have robot technology (not yet at petrol stations) but we still do not have "Mr. Fusion", the Home Energy reactor to dispose of the garbage while making cheap clean energy out of it.

Inventors out there: you still have 5 months to catch up; as for us, this month you can achieve present day energy advantages (though not through the magic of nuclear fusion) that will cool off your costs this summer: have a look at the Series HRSE basic type thermo-chiller.

Letís continue enjoying the summer together
EMC Team

  Innovations at a glance

Series HRSE - Thermo-chiller. Basic type

Cool down your costs

HRSE - SMC      To refresh the summer a bit, this month we launch the Series HRSE, basic type thermo chiller, in order to fulfil market demand for a chiller with medium cooling capacity; because some applications just have standard requirements. Nevertheless, the basic performance comes with interesting technical features and benefits.

  How Series HRSE will improve things up for you:

  • By not oversizing: get the cooling capacity and temperature stability
    you need
  • By reducing your costs thanks to its reduced power consumption
  • By keeping you informed thanks to the self-diagnosis function
  • By being simple to operate so you can spend that time on
    something else.

For all Series HRSE Information, please click here >>>>

   Main Technical Features:

  • Triple control of the compressor, fan and
    electronic control valve provides up to 35%
    power consumption reduction
  • Self-diagnosis through 12 alarms: several
    types of alarm codes and conditions can be
  • 2-step operation: digital display panel with
    information and buttons
  • Good cooling capacity: from 1000 W to
    2200 W
  • Set temperature range: 10 to 30°C

  More innovations this month

Series New VXF - 2 Port Solenoid Valve / Air Operated Valve. For Dust Collector

Withstands high temperature

  • Ideal for: iron and steel industries, garbage incineration
    plants or cement transportation industry
  • High temperature version now available - up to
    100 °C
(with diaphragm of PTFE/FKM and Solenoid coil
    type H)
  • Large range of sizes - from 3/4" to 4", orifice
    diameters from 22 mm to 100 mm and large
    discharge flow rate

  • Low power consumption - from 7 W


For all Series VXF Information, please click here >>>>

Series LEF extension 2 - Slider Type Electric Actuators

Get more from your electric actuator

  • Support guide now standardised - designed to support
     workpieces with significant overhang
   - Seal bands prevent grease from splashing and foreign
     material entering
  • New high precision type (Series LEFSH) now available
  • Some interesting new options available:
   - Model suitable for clean environments
   - Higher and lower speed options
   - Expansion of stroke variations; up to 1200 mm maximum

For all Series LEF extension 2 Information, please click here >>>>

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