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September 2015

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Dear Reader.

By about the age of 2, we humans can recognize our own reflections in a mirror; and this is how we start building our self-identity.

Throughout history, mirrors have played quite an important role. In 212 B.C., it is claimed (even though scientifically speaking this is quite unlikely), the Greek inventor Archimedes used a giant mirror to set fire to Roman ships attacking his home city, Syracuse. The first business of Guttenberg, the inventor of the printing press, was mirrors; and the financial trouble that this unfruitful enterprise led to forced him to pay his debt with his investors by sharing with them his great secret: the mechanical printer. And then there was Da Vinci, who used “mirror writing” as a way of keeping the notes on his inventions from being stolen.

Some ancient cultures believed that mirrors reflected the ‘shadow soul’, and could show the true nature of the person being reflected. Along this line of thinking would be Shakespeare’s Caliban and Wilde’s Dorian Gray, who greatly disliked what they saw in the reflection, as it (literally) unveiled the darker side of their souls. Unlike Narcissus, who fell madly in love with his own reflection in the water, and then, convinced of the impossibility of that love, killed himself understanding that he was never going to be able to have the object of his desire.

When we look in a mirror we see a reflection, but a reverse one. So what we see is kind of a false image. This is why we normally feel uncomfortable seeing pictures of ourselves (which show something closer to the reality). Furthermore, the perception we have of the mirror’s reflected image isn’t pure; it’s a representation filtered by our thinking, mood and our expectations. What we see is affected by what we expect to see. 

Unlike Snow White’s evil queen, who expected to hear the word “thou” from her magical mirror, you can certainly expect our new angle valve to be reliable because it will definitely live up to your expectations.

Autumn can be nice as well; let’s start it together.
The e-matters team.

  Innovations at a glance

Series VXB – Angle Seat Valve for Steam, Air and Heated Water

It will live up to your expectations

     The autumn unveils Series VXB, a solid and consistent angle seat valve in a compact design. Entirely designed to provide the reliability your process requires. Series VXB is the ideal solution for boiler manufacturers, temperature control, hygienic applications or hot water systems.

  How Series VXB will improve things up for you.

  • Cost reduction due to the long service life
  • Reduced maintenance cost as per its strong construction
  • Reliability thanks to the high sealing and minimum leakage
  • Space saving

For all Series VXB information, please click here >>>>
   Main Technical Features:

  • Long service life – 5 million cycles* for air and
    3 million cycles* for steam

  • Special construction – with a protective seal
    and a resin scraper to prevent foreign
    particles from entering. Squeeze seal to shut off
    fluid leakage and a guide bushing to prevent

  • High sealing (rubber seal of special FKM) with
    minimum internal leakage (10 cm³/min or less)

  • Compactness – 100 mm height in the 3/8 valve

    *Based on SMC’s test conditions

  More innovations this month

Series LATCA, Card Motor Controller for LAT3 Series

Get control versatility for your ultra-thin actuator
  • It can be controlled by 3 types of input signals: Step data input, Pulse input and Serial input. This provides great flexibility in the operation and control.
  • This new card motor controller couples with SMC’s Series LAT3: transportation, pushing and measurement capabilities in a 9mm width actuator.

For all Series LATCA information, click here >>>>


Series New SY Extension – 5 Port Solenoid Valve

The most versatile all-purpose valve

  Our New SY keeps on proving it is the most versatile solution. This month:
  • New plug-in sub-plate type for series SY7000, which increases flow rate by approximately 33%
  • New lever type now available for the SUP stop valve spacer with residual pressure release valve. Easy to operate in just 2 steps and without needing tools; easy to check visually and allows the air for the solenoid valves to be shut off individually
  Series New SY provides overall flexibility thanks among other things to its easy wiring. Additionally it is the cost effective solution your application needs, as small sizes provide the flow capacity of bigger ones.

For all Series New SY Extension Information, please click here >>>>
  SMC will be close to you at
Remember SMC will be exhibiting this autumn at:

EMO Milano 2015
05/10/2015 - 10/10/2015
Milan, Italy
Hall 11 / Booth F17
The Dynamic route to global partnership

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Biotechnica 2015
06/10/2015 - 08/10/2015
Hannover, Germany
Deutsche Messe AG
Hall 9 / Booth C21
Discover the symbiosis of ideas and innovation

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16/11/2015 - 19/11/2015
Düsseldorf, Germany
Messe Düsseldorf
Hall 3, Booth B52 & Hall 8a, Booth N01 (compamed)
Our resources for your applications

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We are looking forward to seeing you!

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