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October 2015

In November SMC solutions come to life

Dear Reader.
To coincide with the occasion of the MEDICA exhibition next month, we want not only bring the products to life there, in Germany, but also here in e-matters.

This month we present you with 4 products and the benefits that they can bring, and with the actual applications where they have performed successfully.
EMC Team



Series HECR - Thermo chiller / Peltier type / Rack mount type

Great temperature stability for standard mounting

  How Series HECR will improve things for You.

  • By saving space and installation time for you - you can
    mount multiple equipment units together in a rack.
  • By optimising your process quality and maximising your
    machine performance through great temperature stability.
  • By reducing the noise - ideal for quiet working
  • By keeping you informed thanks to its self-diagnosis
    functions (14 alarms).
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HECR successes in LS Applications:
In the Life Science industry, HECR is ideal for  the temperature control of laboratory equipment or for X-ray tube and X-ray light  sensing parts.

HECR successes in Non-LS Applications:
This recently launched product has proven successful already at an ultrafast laser manufacturer.

Both for cooling of laser irradiation parts and  in the temperature control of electron-beam irradiated parts.


Series LVM - 2/3 Port Valve for Chemicals

Ultra-compact solutions with outstanding resistance

  How Series LVM will improve things for you.

  • Space saving - Very compact valve width provides
    compact manifold pitch.
  • Lightweight - Great benefit when it has to be mounted
    on a moving part.
  • Superior chemical resistance.
  • Energy saving - Great savings are possible when the
    valve is energised during longer periods.
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LVM successes in LS Applications:
In the Life Science Industry LVM has proven successful in several applications in diagnostic and analytical machines, biochemical analysers and electrophoresis systems.

LVM successes in Non-LS Applications:
Outside the medical industry, LVM has been the outstanding solution for:
printing machine cleaning

Series HRS, Thermo chiller compact size

Improve the performance and reliability of your machine

  How Series HRS will improve things for you.

  • Space savings, with overall machine size kept to a
    minimum, and the possibility of installing the
    thermo-chiller close to a wall.
  • Reduced labour time and maintenance work, with easy
    operation and control, and optimum reliability.
  • Increased productivity and maximum machine
with optimisation of process quality.
  • Temperature stability even in winter.
  For all Series HRS information, please click here >>>>
HRS successes in LS Applications:
In medical scenarios, HRS has been an advantageous solution for: temperature stability for blood analysers, X-ray digital instruments for mammography equipment and in the production of lenses for glasses.

HRS successes in Non-LS Applications:
HRS has proven successful already in: the packaging Industry.

Other applications include welding, printing blisters and the cooling of digital printers.



Series VXB - Angle Seat Valve for Steam, Air and Heated Water

It will live up to your expectations

  How Series VXB will improve things up for you.

  • Cost reduction due to the long service life.
  • Reduced maintenance cost as per its strong construction.
  • Reliability thanks to the high sealing and minimum
  • Space saving.
  For all Series VXB information please click here >>>>
VXB successes in LS Applications:
The angle seat valve launched last month has already been successful with sterilisers for medical equipment.

VXB successes in Non-LS Applications:
Outside the medical industry, the VXB valve has been a reliable solution for card box machines, wash-down lines, car washing machines and laundry equipment.



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