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November 2015
     Dear Reader.
While we are enveloped by the “November rain”, and to try and fill the void after the disappearance of the summer sun, we present you this month with a smart solution for vacuum applications: Series ZHP. Its objective is to make things easy for you in terms of design, ordering and maintenance, or for those applications where space is an issue.

We just hope you’ll find the beauty in the rain and find some interest in our proposals for you this month.

Welcome to the November edition of e-Matters.
The e-matters Team

  Innovations at a glance

Series ZHP - Vacuum Pad with ejector
Ease your vacuum generation

        November brings an integration of a vacuum pad, a vacuum ejector a silencer and a strainer in a single compact unit. This month’s solution brings not only simplification but also energy saving advantages thanks to its integrated 2-stage ejector that delivers vacuum generation efficiency

  How Series ZHP will improve things for you.

  • By providing Space savings, as it is a very compact solution.
  • By optimising your design, as it will reduce piping labour and the number of employed components.
  • By improving workpiece release: new vacuum pad design (shot-blasted and with grooves).
  • By improving maintenance work - easy replacement of the vacuum pad.

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        ZHP is the ideal solution for applications that require vacuum generation in confined spaces or daisy-chain piping (as in image below). This would include:
  • Palletizing applications
  • Sheet-metal working in the automotive industry
  • Case packers

  More innovations this month


Series S0700 extension, 5 Port Solenoid valve, plug lead type extension
Flexible solution for downsizing

  • Space savings with production equipment size reduction, being possible to install the valves and / or manifolds in narrow spaces.
  • Highly versatile as it is possible to use the valve S0700 independently.
  • Improved workability with easy installation and maintenance through piping from the top of the valve/manifold.
S0700 is the ideal solution for applications requiring downsizing, energy saving and light weight such as: Industrial Robots and packaging machines

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Series PSE570 - Pressure sensor for general fluids
The sensor that saves you time

  • Reduced wiring time and cost saving because of the M12 connector.
  • Long product life, as it has high resistance to excess pressure (up to 3.0 Mpa) and abrupt voltage surges (500 VAC).
  • This translates into cost saving.
PSE570 is the ideal solution for applications that require the monitoring of pressure of non-corrosive gases or liquids in the machining industry or general automatic machinery industry.

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  Interested on Didactics?
SMC international training wins an award as
"An Inventive Product in Education".

Last September, SMC’s didactic branch, International Training, attended Worlddidac India 2015, the largest international exhibition for educational products and solutions in Asia Pacific.

Over 9,000 visitors of Worlddidac India 2015 from 23 countries were able to see and feel several of their training solutions for the automation industry at SMC’s stand. However, one of them was the real centre of attention: the Energy Saving Trainer. The ENS-200 received the IDA 2015 Award, recognising it as "An Inventive Product in Education".

Learn all about SMC International Training and the Energy Saving Trainer >>>>

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