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January 2016

Dear Reader.
With the winter and the cold that comes with it affecting us all, it is time to pay closer attention to one of the ways it affects factory automation. The low temperatures encourage static electricity and this has a direct impact on the production processes, lowering the final product quality or even jeopardising the safety of workers.

So we decided that our first e-matters of the year had to be dedicated to helping you eliminate static electricity. This month we bring 3 brand new efficient solutions to tackle it and to reduce your production costs, improve your efficiency and create a safer working environment.

Welcome to this year’s first edition of e-matters.
The e-matters Team


  Innovations at a glance - 3 product innovations for effective static removal

Series IZF21/31 - Fan Type Ionizer

Fast static removal in your hands

  • Remove static wherever you want - and with its adjustable louvre you will be able to reach a neutralization area from either a wide or narrow angle and in either a horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Reduced consumption with rapid neutralisation in as little as 0.5 seconds.
  • Easy to operate as it comprises multiple functions and features such as automatic balance & cleaning and flow rate adjustment function.

  For all Series IZF21/31 Information, please click here >>>>

        IZF21/31 is the ideal solution for those locations with no air supply. Examples include static neutralization in conveyors, PET Bottles, films, packaging films, moulded goods, electric substrate or parts feeders.




Series ZVB, Ion Box

Box up your dust and static issues

  • Highly efficient - Thanks to its smart structure that separates the ion and the air blow, the ZVB integrates 3 processes: static neutralization, dust removal and dust collection. This also provides energy savings.
  • Easy maintenance - emitters are very simply removed, replaced and cleaned.
  • Time and air consumption savings with its automatic start-up after workpiece detection.

  For all Series ZVB Information, please click here >>>>

        ZVB can accommodate pieces of multiple sizes, such as smartphones, cosmetic cases, parts of home appliances, lamp covers, lenses, IC Chips and electronic devices. It is also the ideal solution for general dust adhesion prevention.




Series IZN 10-X367 - Ionizer, Nozzle Type with Right Angles

Efficient local static removal

  • Mounting flexibility - Its nozzle can rotate 360°.
  • Space saving due its very compact size.
  • Choose energy saving nozzle to minimize air consumption or high flow rate nozzle if you need more powerful static neutralization.

  For all Series IZN 10-X367 Information, please click here >>>>

        IZN 10-X367 is the ideal solution for static neutralization from narrow conveyor spaces. More specifically, its energy saving nozzle is perfect for short range static electricity elimination with minimal air consumption. Alternatively, the high flow rate nozzle is suitable for long-range static electricity elimination and dust removal.




  Other static electricity removal solution


Series IZS40/41/42 - Bar-Type Ionizer

3 New step-solutions for fast and effective static removal

        And for more general applications still requiring fast, efficient and precise static removal, we have the IZS40/41/42, Bar-Type Ionizer. Three options to remove static in the way you need.

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