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February 2016

Dear Reader.
Measurement and control is one of the key parts of automation, as it is the main guarantee of process-quality and reliability. With this in mind, this month we present a newcomer to our extensive family of flow control solutions.

With a wide range of flow rates, applicable liquids, different detection methods and IP enclosures, so you can find the best flow control solution for your needs. The latest solution, PFMC, is just few lines below.

Do you need to control the flow?

Welcome to this year’s first edition of e-Matters.
The e-matters Team


  Innovations at a glance

Series PFMC - 3-Colour Display Digital Flow Switch

Resistant visual monitoring solution


This month we present the latest in Flow Switches: PFMC, with large flow rates (from 5 l/min to 2000 l/min), compact dimensions, quick response time and a display packed with functionality aimed at making your flow control as easy as possible.

How Series PFMC will improve things up for you:

  • By making control easier for you with its 2-screen and 3-colour display - Set and accumulated values can be displayed at the same time.
  • By giving you resistance in environments with dust and water projections - IP65.
    Also, the display can be rotated 360° to adjust to your needs.
  • Labour & time savings - easy mounting (M8 Connector), high speed responses and remote control.

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        PFMC is the ideal solution for carrying out Energy Saving Activities: flow consumption control of equipment, main line and branch line.
Also recommended for: Gas cylinders, as the accumulated indication shows the operating flow rate or residual amount



  More innovation this month


Series ZP3E, Vacuum Pad with grooves. Flat type and bellows type

Strong retention, smooth liberation

  • Machined grooves in the surface prevent removal failures and improve absorption force
  • Reduces replacement time thanks to only one bolt being needed for mounting the pad
  • Pad diameters: 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 and 125 mm

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        ZP3E is the ideal solution for applications in any industry requiring the vacuuming of workpieces of different materials. Flat type for surfaces that are not deformed and bellows for when workpiece is slanted.




Series EX600 EtherNet/IP™ – Specification Fieldbus System, Dual Port Serial Interface Unit

Increase the capabilities of your communications

  • The Dual Port provides enhanced flexibility and greater security, without loss of communication despite having a disconnected location.
    It also brings savings in terms of requiring less equipment for communication and less wiring.
  • Time savings with quick power up and connection to an EtherNet/IP™ network through the QuickConnect™ function.

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        This product is the ideal solution for robotic applications as a typical QuickConnect configuration consists of a controller side plus a toolside.







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