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March 2016
     Dear Reader.

Last month we talked about the importance of process control and how its absence can affect the overall process quality. This month we go a step further to discuss over-temperature control, which in processes involving heat generating devices is absolutely critical.

Nevertheless, different applications have different necessities in terms of cooling requirements, temperature stability, location of the chiller, etc. And because of this our R & D engineers continuously work to expand our range of solutions to accommodate the different demands of our customers. This month, we bring you the latest of these.

Temperature control and other interesting solutions, to start the spring together.

Welcome to the March edition of e-Matters.
The e-matters Team

  Innovations at a glance

Series HRS100/150 – Thermo-chiller - Standard Type
Great capacity and great value

        Spring unveils the latest cooling solution. Released to the market to cover the necessity of large capacity thermo-chillers with a medium temperature stability (±1.0 ºC). Both air-cooled and water-cooled refrigeration available.

  How Series HRS100/150 will improve things up for you.

  • Large cooling capacity with compact dimensions.
  • It allows outdoor installation as per its IPX4 (splash-proof type).
  • Temperature stability even in the coldest conditions - Thanks to the heating function with no heater.

  For all Series HRS100/150 Information, please click here >>>>
        HRS100/150 is the ideal solution for laser beam machines, where it assists in the cooling of the laser oscillator part and the power source; and also in cleaning machines for temperature control of the cleaning solution, or in tap water cooling towers, among other applications.

  More innovations this month


Series LVD Extension, Compact Type High Purity Air Operated Chemical Liquid Valve
Ready to resist the harshest

  • Resistant to strong chemical environments thanks to its PVDF actuator section.
  • Increased reliability - Leakage reduced as the fitting is incorporated.
  • Get flexibility - multiple high back pressure options and possibility of manually operated selection.
LVD is the ideal solution for any application requiring chemical fluid flow control. Applications cover several industries, from water treatment to the medical sector.

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Series SGC Extension – Coolant Valve
Your low consumption solution

  • Reduced energy consumption - as low as 0.35 W for pilot valve V116.
  • Several options to choose from: wide range of port sizes (up to 2) and large flow rates (up to 1000 l/min) now available.
  • Fast response thanks to the Vo307 integrated valve.
SGC Extension is the ideal solution for any application requiring coolant flow control. It can be used in many machining operations for cooling, lubricating and removing debris.

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  Helping you with your machine design
Continuing with our efforts to ease your design work, we have updated our popular valve manifold configurator. Both online and offline versions now include the newest SY7000: a bigger size that will increase your configuration capabilities (up to ø 80 cylinders can be handled).

With the SY configurator you will be able to: 

  • Design the exact manifold  that meets your specific demands.
  • Get dimensions and manifold weight.
  • Download complete assembly in CAD.
  • Access a comprehensive parts list.
  • Get quotation document to simplify ordering.
Communication Systems Include:
- EX600, EX510, EX500, EX260, EX250, EX126, EX120 Serial Interface.
- D-Sub (IP67/IP40), flat ribbon, PC wiring, circular connector, terminal block & lead wire.

And, if any doubt arises, SMC experts are on hand to help you out.

Start designing now with the SY Configurator >>>>

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