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April 2016

Dear Reader.
Achieving peace of mind could be considered the ultimate objective we all have in our personal and professional lives. What if that peace of mind could be obtained quickly and easily? Would you say no?

The innovation we present this month is a cylinder speed checker that does just that. With it you can validate, verify and check each cylinder is working just as you want, in the way it should.

Are you up for some peace of mind?

Welcome to the April edition of e-Matters
The e-Matters Team


  Innovations at a glance

Series IN574-95/-73 - Cylinder Speed Checker

Measure & check for maximum cylinder efficiency


  • Reduced labour time and overall hassle - measure and check, inspect and adjust easily with one single device. Check speed, cycle time and/or the operations per minute
  • Simple to use and handle - select the different modes with just one button. Furthermore it is compact and lightweight
  • Use it if needed in dark environments - the backlight provides good readability in low light conditions.

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IN574-95/-73 is the ideal solution for numerical management for setting up facilities, numeric checks for periodic maintenance, in the event of operation failure or simply to quantify the improvement of the cylinder cycle time.


  More innovations this month


Series CRB2-Z - Rotary Actuator. Vane Type
Combine just as you wish

  • Further increasing its flexibility - the D-M9# compact auto switch can now be mounted
  • Great adaptability to your requirements as auto switches and /or angle adjusters can be mounted directly on the actuator
  • Easy piping - parallel location of the ports.
CRB2-Z is the ideal solution for any application that lacks space, in robotics, clamp applications or in applications that entail rotary motion.

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Series IDK-C1 - Coil shape Moisture Control Tube
One move ahead on moisture control

  • Ensures moisture control - the coil shape prevents the tube buckling when the actuator is moving
  • Reduced maintenance work - tube keeps condensation away from the actuator
  • Labour and time saving - quick insertion and removal with one-touch fitting.
IDK-C1 is ideal for any general industry applications with simultaneous linear and rotating motions susceptible to condensation, such as small diameter cylinders/air grippers or air operated valves.

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