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May 2016

Dear Reader.
For Darwin, evolution was all about natural selection: the survival of the fittest. For us, evolution is understanding; evolution is boosting; evolution is competitiveness; evolution is Innovation.

This month, together with our Innovations 2016 catalogue, we present 2 comprehensive control solutions and the latest on electric actuators that will provide you with freedom of choice.

Interested in evolution?

Welcome to the May edition of the e-Matters
The e-matters Team


  Innovations at a glance

Series JXC91 - EtherNet/IP™ Direct Input Type Step Motor Controller

Broader & safer control

  • Real time operation - high speed communication
  • Greater security - ensuring no loss of communication, despite having disconnected location, through its dual communication port
  • Cost & labour savings - very simplified control systems and wiring.

  For all Series JXC91 Information, please click here >>>>
        JXC91 is the ideal solution for any application requiring position, speed and force control through an EtherNet/IP™ network. This could apply to industries such as: automobile, steel/metal, semiconductor, oil & gas, pulp & paper, food & packaging, chemical, printing, water services, waste disposal or electric power.


Series JXC73 / JXC83 – 4 Axis Step Motor Controller

Quadruple your control

        A single controller for operating up to 4 electric actuators; either in single or multiple axis. With it, you can benefit from:
- Cost and space savings - less equipment and wiring
- Labour savings - easy programming with simplified control system
  and wiring.

  For all Series JXC73 / JXC83 Information, please click here >>>>
        JXC73 / JXC83 is the ideal solution for all those applications requiring the control of multi-axis actuators for either linear interpolation or synchronised movements. This could be, for example, a vertical board lifting application: to vertically lift or lower a board by using 4 electric actuators simultaneously, so that the board remains horizontal.


  More innovations this month


Series LEFS / LEFB / LEJS / LEY /LEYG – Electric Actuators Motorless Type
Empowers you to choose freely

  • It lets you build up simply the best possible solution for you
  • Optimise your application - 14 models of motors to choose from
  • Save time - You can apply the know-how you already have to our electric solutions.
LE# Motorless actuators are the ideal solution for General Industrial Machinery for all transfer and assembly related industries. They are applicable, for example, to precise positioning of workpieces, pick and place or automatic inspection.

 For all Series LE# Motorless Information, please click here >>>>

  Boosting your competitiveness

Innovations 2016

This year, we once again present you a comprehensive catalogue including our latest Innovations.
We launch this catalogue in the hope of going a step further in our commitment to you: we do not want to only provide you with individual components; we aim to have a holistic view of your day-to-day issues so that we can help you to be competitive.

For us, Innovation is understanding what it is important to you.

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