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June 2016

Dear Reader.
On the 5th of June each year World Environment Day is celebrated. The UN has created this day to stimulate interest and create awareness to promote the improvement of the Earth’s environment.

Therefore, June is the best month to present our New and improved VEX3 Valve to you. Why is that? Because its main benefit is the energy savings it brings. The new VEX3E has been designed from the very early stages to consume as little energy as possible. Obviously, less energy consumption means lower associated costs, and therefore savings in the end-of-the-month bills; which makes it an even a more attractive solution, doesn’t it?

Let’s celebrate World Environment Day and the beginning of the summer together.

Welcome to the June edition of the e-Matters
The e-matters Team


  Innovations at a glance

Series New VEX3 - 3 Port 3 Position Valve

Entirely designed to consume less

  • It brings cost savings: reduced power consumption (as little as 1 W)
  • It makes intermediate stopping of cylinders up to Ø 125 possible
  • It delivers great flexibility: 3 manual override options added to the existing non-locking push type. Locking slotted, push-turn locking slotted and push-turn locking lever type.

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        The new VEX3 is the ideal solution for the easy design of a terminal deceleration and intermediate speed change circuit. The simple system configuration permits a sharp response. The large capacity system configuration without connection loss allows the use of smaller valves and piping.


  More innovations this month


Series CKZM16 - Micro Clamp Cylinder
Your mini but strong clamping solution

  • 2 types available: Base type (-X2800) and Tandem (-X2900)
  • Its compact dimensions and light weight provide space savings and ease of handling
  • Nonetheless, it still offers reliability as per its high clamping and holding force.
CKZM16 is the ideal solution for clamping edges of panels which do not require a long arm or for gripper handling of workpieces.

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Series New SY3000/5000 Extension - 5 Port Solenoid Valve-Vacuum Release Valve with Restrictor
The most versatile all purpose valve

  • Get cost and air & space savings as it allows you to control both vacuum suction and release with a single valve unit
  • Achieve safety improvement as it prevents the workpiece from blowing-off
  • It still provides you with overall versatility - mountable in the same manifold with standard valves; it only requires an individual EXH spacer.
This extension of the New SY3000/5000 Extension is ideal for handling light workpieces in order to carefully place them in the proper place by gradually breaking the vacuum; or in those applications where the vacuum needs to be released gradually so that the workpiece is not expelled abruptly.

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