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November 2016

Dear Reader.
During the last Olympic Games this summer in Brazil, a commentator from Venezuelan TV, while simultaneously translating the COI´s President’s opening speech, translated the original sentence of “selfishness is gaining ground" to “selfies are all around”.

This small anecdote serves by way of an introduction to the importance of obtaining simultaneous data along with its pertinence and accuracy. November is the backdrop chosen for the latest in pressure switches. With a screen that displays more relevant information, quicker, and just as accurately. A solution that saves you time and makes things a little bit easier.

Let´s simultaneously finish November together.

Welcome to the November edition of the e-Matters
The e-matters Team


  Innovations at a glance

Series ZSE20(F)/ISE20 - 3-Screen Display High-Precision Digital Pressure Switch

More & quicker information at your disposal

  • Get more information at just one glance - 2 specified items (measured & set value) can be displayed simultaneously
  • Achieve time savings with its easy setting - 3 setting modes available
  • Detect possible failures quickly - delay time as little as 1.5 ms.

 For all Series ZSE20(F)/ISE20 Information, please click here >>>>
        Series ZSE20(F)/ISE20 is the ideal solution for checking the source pressure value and adsorption pressure in an adsorption process, for example a pick & place application as shown in the picture below.


  More innovations this month


Series WF300 - Water Strainer
Obtain great water quality

  • Removes (small) foreign matter- mesh sizes ranging from 25 to 100 microns
  • Sturdy and easy to maintain - stainless steel replaceable mesh.

 For all Series WF300 Information, please click here >>>>
  WF300 is the ideal solution for machines with cooling water circuits, such as welding guns or machine tools. It can also be used in the printing industry, controlling the quality of the water spray used for moisturizing paper.


Series WR110 - Water Regulator
Robust regulation solution with locking capability

  • Ensure your water pressure regulation - its locking system prevents unintentional handling
  • Get a robust solution - long life brass body.

 For all Series WR110 Information, please click here >>>>
  WR110 is the ideal solution for applications requiring water pressure regulation in cooling circuits such as the ones for vacuum chambers or for moulds.



Series INA-14 & XTO-674 - Check Valves for Air and Water
For your extreme conditions

  • Achieve endurance - Brass & stainless steel body materials, as well as heat resistance (up to 80 ºC) and cold resistance ( as low as -30 ºC)
  • Reduce your pressure drop and save costs - minimum operating pressure of 0.01 MPa.

 For all Series INA-14 & XTO-674 Information, please click here >>>>
  INA-14 & XTO-674 are the ideal solution for preventing the backflow of air and water to the fluid source in special conditions such as rusty or corrosive areas subjected to water splashes.


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