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July 2017

Dear Reader,

Summer not only brings us heat, huge amounts of Vitamin D and holidays. It also brings out our sociable side. We communicate more. Both online, in our social media, and offline, face-to-face. We do more things, we mingle more, and according to studies, all that makes us happier.

Immersed as we are fully in the summer, and considering that the need to communicate also affects our machines, just for them, to make them happier, this month we present the latest in fieldbus communication. Together with a new refreshing new product video.

Another summer together.

Welcome to the July edition of the e-Matters,
The e-matters Team


  Innovations at a glance

EX 500 Series – Fieldbus System, Gateway Decentralised Type

Branch out your communications

        Compatible with EtherNet-based protocols: EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET
  • Experience diversity in your communications - 4 branches of 20 metres possible, 128 I/O points, applicable to output devices other than manifolds
  • Forget the I/O mapping - Automatic setting of the address
  • Benefit from remote operation & diagnostics - Web server function.

 Learn all about the EX500 Series here

SMC's EX500 is the ideal decentralised solution, by just using one cable for each subnetwork to separately position the manifold valves and input units around the gateway unit, thus allowing the installed valves near the actuators to be operated.


  SMC's New Product Video: Step Motor Controller, Fieldbus commanded


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