SMC’s Compact Cylinder with Linear Guide & watch our latest New Product videos
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November 2017     

Dear Reader,

This November commemorates the 150th anniversary of Marie Curie’s birth ; a pioneer, an outlier. Unique for the newness and the extent of her achievements. A life driven by her passion for scientific research that led her to two Nobel Prizes.

For us, our passion this month led us to quite a unique technical development. In November for you MXZ, our most compact cylinder, upgraded with the precision of a linear guide. Moreover, there are two videos for you to see our "Expertise in Motion".

Passion will make our winter warmer.

Welcome to the November edition of the e-Matters,
The e-Matters Team
      MXZ Series – Compact Cylinder with Linear Guide

Our unique combination

November darkness is enlightened with this unique cylinder. It combines the body of the recently launched JCQ, SMC’s compact version of a compact cylinder, with a linear guide, so you get the best of both worlds.

Benefits for you:

  • Benefit from the dimensions of a compact cylinder and the high precision of a guided one
  • Stop, position or transfer lightweight workpieces – Ideal for applications where a short and precise stroke is needed
  • Mount it directly – Through head mounting.

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MXZ Series is the ideal solution for transferring, stopping or positioning lightweight workpieces with precision. Perfect for placing it in those areas where there are space limitations.

AD402-A Series – Auto Drain Valve

It's different, that’s crystal clear

Benefits for you:

  • Ease your maintenance work – Transparent bowl guard plus no tools required for the maintenance
  • Ensure extended service life – Rounded shape guarantees complete discharge of condensate and foreign matter
  • Let it work with chemicals – Optional bowls.
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Expertise in motion

Videos to help you understand and experience the latest new products in under 2 minutes

We want you to see, discover and, above all, get a feel for our new product range. For this reason, we have devised a series of product videos so that you can get to know them inside out in less than 2 minutes; we reveal their main technical features and how we believe they will improve your applications.

Also in November for you, AS-R & AS-Q Air Saving Speed Controllers.

Expertise in Fluid Control

Latest Fluid Control Catalogue

Check out the updated Instrumentation and Fluid Control Catalogue, containing all the new solutions for industry, including universal and process valves for chemicals and fluids, sensor switches or Industrial Filters and Pumps.

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