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June 2019     

Dear Reader,

A 2014 study by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology revealed that babies born during the summer are more prone to mood swings than babies born in cooler months.

But with the arrival of winter, for those of you who are summer babies perhaps it's an opportunity to monitor your actions and keep any mood swings incheck. Funny enough this month's Sales Matters is dedicated to our range of Smart Sensing Solutions, which includes our latest Sensor & Switches leaflet plus a dynamic videos featuring our related product portfolio - highlighting how we can help you.

Change your focus from product control to sensor based process control and find the right answers.

Welcome to the winter. Welcome to your e-Matters.
The e-Matters Team
      SMC’s Sensors & Switches

Because it makes perfect sense

Why wouldn't you want to see what's happening in your production process?

SMC's range of smart sensors are the first step on the ladder of smart manufacturing.

Accurately measure and correctly monitor pressure to increase your productively, improve your production quality, reduce your material wastage and energy costs and keep machinery downtime to a minimum.

What can SMC sensors do for you?

  • Expect a diverse range - Wide portfolio for a diverse range of fluids
  • Ease your control - 3 screens with 2 colours to identify the set value
  • Program them easily - 3-step setting: programming can be done in 3 simple steps
  • Get more from your sensor - Advanced functions for increased, easier operability.

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See for yourself why with SMC´s Sensors & Switches "it makes perfect sense"

SMC’s Energy efficiency

Energise your efficiency reading our whitepaper

"Embrace energy efficiency for a competitive edge: The real impact of energy efficiency legislation and technology on global manufacturing."

This whitepaper highlights the increasing pressure that new legislation is bringing to businesses, as well as explaining how to take advantage of new technologies and initiatives to help you become more competitive.

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JSXFA Series - Pulse valve

An impulse towards efficiency

Benefits for you:

  • Increased pulse blow efficiency - High-peak pressure
  • Energy savings - Low air consumption & fast response time
  • Guaranteed endurance - 10 million cycles or more thanks to its elastomer diaphragm
  • Install it simply & quickly - Compression fitting available.
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FDT 2019

Food and Drink Technology Africa 2019

Come visit our stand at FDT at the Gallagher Convention Centre, 9-11 July 2019 .
We will be in Hall 5 , Stand D23.

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Kite 2019

Kwazulu Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition 2019

Come visit our stand at Kite at the Durban Exhibition Centre, 24-26 July 2019 .
We will be in Hall 5 , Stand G14.

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