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Serie CE - Cylinder with integrated measurement system

- Fördelar & Egenskaper
- Applikationsexempel

Fördelar & Egenskaper    
Movement and measurement in one unit
More compact in comparison with similar systems
Less mounting problems since the measuring system is built-in
Till 31 binary outputs and serial interface communication using the CEU5 multi counter
Measurement possible on the whole stroke range
Precision high enough to cover a high percentage of measuring tasks
2 versions: CE1 with 0,1mm resolution and CEP1 high precision with 0,01mm resolution
Bore sizes 12,20,32,40,50,63 (CE1), 12,20 (CEP1)
Standard strokes: 25 to 600 mm depending on the bore size (CE1) 25,50,75,100 (CEP1)
IP67 enclosure
CE marked as standard

Parts inspection
Length/breadth discrimination
Detection of lifter position
Discrimination of direction
Inspection of machined holes
Measurement of dimensions
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