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  SMC delivers dual port serial interface unit for its EtherNet/IPô fieldbus system

SMC’s EX600 serial interface unit for its EtherNet/IP™ compatible design has three outstanding new features that improve the overall benefits and flexibility of the product. A dual port allows a trio of topologies for the connection, providing greater security and equipment and wire savings. The QuickConnect™ function results in a quick power up and connection to the network, while the built-in web server function enables remote access via a web browser, driving efficiencies in the system start-up and maintenance.

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has extended its EX600 serial interface unit to include a dual port type for its EtherNet/IP™ compatible type, offering increased benefits for complex control systems.

Different connection configurations are now a possibility with linear and DLR topologies, in addition to the standard star type, that not only remove the need to use a switching hub but also means less cabling is required. And overall security is enhanced with the DLR, as the risk of losing communication is removed, even when disconnected from its location.

SMC said: “At SMC we are committed to product development and continued improvement and that has been achieved with the EX600 Fieldbus system. This design enhancement offers our customers even greater flexibility across several factory automation applications using advanced communication systems.”

This latest addition to the EX600 range is particularly useful for factory environments using robotic technology, where the robots manage several tools at once. The speed of the communication connection is essential in these environments, so a new QuickConnect™ function has also been introduced. It enables the machinery to quickly power up and join the EtherNet/IP™ network.

Further efficiencies are achieved in the start-up and maintenance of the system thanks to a built-in server function, allowing remote access via a web browser. This allows operators to easily manage status checks, programme parameter settings and forced output, using general purpose web browsers.

SMC concluded: “We are confident that with all the benefits of the existing EX600 range, this dual port serial interface unit will also become a best seller!”

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  December 2015