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  SMC launches energy saving basic thermo-chiller

The HRSE series has been designed to meet increasing demand for an energy efficient, simple to operate thermo-chiller with medium cooling capacity. SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has responded to market demand by releasing the basic type HRSE thermo-chiller, which is energy efficient and easy to operate. The HRSE helps those using applications such as welding and packaging that require a constant temperature of fluid supply to equipment, to take advantage of SMCs thermo-chiller technology. Featuring a triple control for the compressor, fan and electronic control valve, the HRSE is easily controlled depending on the heat generated from the users equipment, delivering 35 % energy savings. Further features have been designed with the user in mind, including a two-step digital information panel with touch buttons, which means adjusting the temperature of the circulating fluid has never been simpler. In addition, 12 alarm codes aids self-diagnosis. XXX SMC said: At SMC we are always looking at ways to help our customers drive operating efficiencies. The HRSE steps up to meet demand for thermos-chillers that can deliver ease of use, minimal maintenance and energy efficiencies. The option of a magnetic pump removes the risk of fluid leakages and the need for maintenance, delivering cost savings. The HRSE also has temperature stability of 2.0 C and a temperature range of 10 to 30 C with an ambient temperature of 40 C. Designed to be compact and with low noise operating levels, the HRSE can fit into small spaces and be used in quiet environments. Further flexibility for operators is provided through the range of accessories including a by-pass piping set, replacement dustproof filter, particle filter and anti-quake bracket that measures against earth quakes. For more information on the HRSE thermos-chiller, visit the SMC new product page: More information about SMC: From its original pneumatics roots dating back to 1959, SMC now has a team of 1,400 R&D engineers and is recognised as the worldwide leading expert in the pneumatics industry. The company offers more than 12,000 basic products with over 700,000 variations and has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information about SMC and its quality products visit

  June 2015