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  SMC takes a first step with new 4 axis step motor controller

For the first time, up to four electric actuators can now be controlled simultaneously for single or multiple axes using SMC’s latest controller, the JXC73/83. Providing a comprehensive and flexible solution for customers, this latest controller offers several savings including equipment costs, programming time, wiring and space.

Vitoria, Spain (May 7, 2015)

When it comes to multi-tasking, SMC, has everything under control. The worldwide leading expert in pneumatics has launched its first 4 Axis Step Motor Controller, JXC73/83 that is capable of controlling up to four actuators simultaneously for either single or multiple axes.

Compatible with the majority of the actuators in SMC’s LE range, this controller uses minimum wiring due to a common power supply cable and less I/O cable is required, reducing overall costs.

It also cuts labour time, as all four axes can be set with just one connection, making it much easier to programme. The JXC73/83 also has excellent capacity for pushing and positioning operations with 2,048 step data, and instructions for co-ordinates of absolute/relative positions.

SMC: “By introducing the JXC73/83, we have responded to market needs for a single controller that is flexible and simple to set up. By also giving our customers a range of savings, we believe this latest controller from SMC will meet the demands of those working within general industry.”

The JXC73/83 has the capability to move two axes with arc interpolation or three axes with linear interpolation at any one time in certain conditions. It is suitable for a range of applications such as pick & place and vertical board lifting within the general industrial machinery sector.

For more information on the JXC73/83 visit the SMC new product page:

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