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  SMC Slides In With New Compact Electric Slide Table

With space being at a premium for industrial plant machinery, SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has responded to market demand by launching a new compact type electric slide table. The LES Series is up to 29% lighter in weight, 12% lower in height and has increased its vertical workload capacity by 50% making it suitable for a wider range of applications, when compared to SMC’s existing LESH models. SMC has also introduced more stroke variations to the LES by adding a 30mm minimum stroke to all its models and new intermediate strokes. Just like its sister series, the LESH, the new LES is available in basic, symmetrical and in-line motor types. Similarly, customers can choose from two motors, either a DC step motor, which is ideal for the transfer of high loads at a low speed with pushing operations, or a DC servo motor, which offers stability at high speeds and is suitable for silent operations. Essentially the LES is still easy to mount with several mounting options and features SMC’s popular drop prevention function that customers can choose to have in order to prevent workpieces from dropping in case of a power failure. Ideal for transfer related industries, the LES can be used for positioning applications including alignment, transferring and pick and placing of workpieces, with an option for pushing and pressing using the pushing operation. Recognised as a global expert in pneumatics and voted for the second consecutive year as one of the world’s most innovative by leading business magazine, Forbes, SMC has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information about the LES Series, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

  January 2014