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SMC solutions for chocolate industry

You make it delicious, we make it efficient

SMC, the world leader in pneumatic automation systems, has a trusted partnership with confectionary and chocolate producers and their machine builders. This means we work not only in harmony with the machine builder’s needs for the process sector, but also with the final chocolate producing companies ready to process the cocoa beans and to deliver the final chocolate products.


Overview of chocolate production process

Chocolate industry related information

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The key aspects of the process such as viscosity, temperature and line-process speed are the factors to be taken care of, so as to guarantee the excellence of the final product. Controlling and monitoring these parameters will help not only in reducing machine downtime and unplanned stoppages, but also identifying optimum process conditions, leading to improved productivity and premium quality chocolate products.

Paolo Tornavacca | Client Group Manager, SMC Italy

Discover our key solutions for chocolate industry

  • Sorting

  • Roasting

  • Refining

  • Conching

  • Tempering

  • Coating, moulding & enrobing


Impurities of cocoa beans and other additional ingredients are unacceptable for a fine-quality chocolate, and that’s why the sorting stage is so important. For this task, reliable machines and efficient processes are required, and SMC is the right partner to provide you with the best solutions.


While sorting is responsible for the selection of the best candidates, achieving the right flavour of the chocolate depends heavily on the roasting stage, where temperature is the dominant factor. With our products, you can be sure to guarantee a perfect control of the process.


After grinding has taken place, the next stage for the cocoa paste is refining. These complex machines do the job of creating a smooth and homogeneous liquid with the right particle size to get the perfect texture, needing a precise control of the rollers that can only be achieved with quality equipment.


In order to volatilise the remaining acetic acid of the chocolate paste and develop its flavour, conching equipment needs precise temperature and speed control, as well as reliable operation over time, since the process takes several hours or even days.


Fat crystals in the chocolate must be stabilised to avoid undesired features such as blooming, crumbly texture or dull appearance. To carry out the delicate operation of heating and cooling the chocolate, you can trust our products to ensure the precision and control that the process requires.

Coating, moulding & enrobing

The final step before cooling can vary depending on the product, but no matter if you need to block and engage moulds, or ensure the right tension of the belt, our products will be there to help you with the task.