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Some Insider Tips

Make your application the best advertisement of yourself

To what we pay attention to regarding your application?

You can call attention to yourself with your own application!

Please always do keep in mind, to write a convincing letter of application as well as to attach further important documents. A complete application is advantageous, because it can be forwarded immediately to the specialty department. A complete application for us consists of the following:

  • Convincing letter of application including salary expectation and date of joining
  • Your completed curriculum vitae with all contents being relevant for the qualification
  • Relevant certificates (school certificates, education certificates as well as references from previous employers)
  • University certificates (bachelor, diploma, master etc.)
  • Other proofs or activity reports that are relevant for the position you apply for

How to apply - The application profile

The beginning of every successful application is the self-analysis. What am I able to do? What do I want? Which kind of competence am I able to bring in to the aspired position?

The more honestly and substantially you answer these questions and the better you fulfil our demands, the more probably it is that your application is successful. Important is that you are really convinced that the aspired position and SMC as company suit to you.

The self-analysis later also helps you in the personal interview. The more realistic you are the more authentic and convincing you appear and so much the better you can answer even difficult questions. Especially the question why it is you who is the correct candidate for our current position?

Please also make sure that the relevant documents as well as your application letter and your curriculum vitae are enclosed to your application. As well as on a normal application file, you should structure your documents illustratively, open and concretely.

Your curriculum vitae

In your curriculum vitae continuity should be recognizable. Scientific subjects during your A level exam for instance, confirm the choice of technical studies and at last the start in a technical oriented job. In this way your application seems more authentic and we are able to comprehend better why you apply for a certain job.

If you have chosen other directions and tried out other subject areas in the meantime, we are interested in the motives for your decision.

Your letter of motivation

A letter of motivation should be short and meaningful. Information on the curriculum vitae or the job advertisement is no longer necessary. Generally you should convince in your letter of motivation with individuality. State your personal reasons why you would like to work at SMC.