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June 2019

SMC accroît sa part de marché en Europe

SMC Corporation annonce une cinquième année consécutive de croissance du chiffre d'affaires de son activité européenne, enregistrant une augmentation de 6,3% pour atteindre un chiffre d'affaires annuel net de 745,87 millions d'euros.

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Avril 2019

A l'occasion des 60 ans de SMC Corporation

Communication de M. Yoshiyuki Takada, Président de SMC Corporation

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Janvier 2019

SMC in the driving seat with innovative solutions at Tire Technology Expo 2019

TIRE TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2019 5 – 7 March 2019 Deutsche Messe Exhibition Centre, Hanover Hall 21, Booth 9064

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Octobre 2018

SMC showcases life sciences solutions

COMPAMED 2018 12 -15 November 2018 Düsseldorf Trade Fair, Düsseldorf, Germany Hall 8B, Stand H04 Visitors to this year’s COMPAMED will have a chance to view SMC’s diverse range of specialist solutions for the Life Sciences industry.

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Janvier 2018

SMC merges its digital pressure switch range in 2018 under the same design

SMC is building on the success of its ZSE20(F)/ISE20 pressure switch range that features 3-screen display, 3-step setting mode and selectable delay time function, with the ZSE20(F)#/ISE20# (A, B and C). The extended series will help operators deliver efficiencies in terms of control and time saving.

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SMC steps up control with its latest multi-axes step motor controller

SMC has extended its multi-axes control step motor controller range, with the launch of the JXC92. This new unit can control up to three electric actuators simultaneously, creating a range of savings and simplifying the process in terms of equipment, wiring, space and programming.

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SMC gets to grip with powerful solutions at Tire Technology Expo 2018

TIRE TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2018 20 - 22 February 2018 Hannover Hall 21, Booth 7045

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SMC launches highly adaptable blue silicone rubber vacuum pad

The latest vacuum pad from SMC is the ZP3P, which has been designed to offer optimum absorbing performance and efficient handling. It features a blue coloured, silicone rubber pad that prevents wrinkles and is compliant with the FDA 21CFR§177.2600 elution test.

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SMC’s latest centring unit helps to save space and air

The MACM is a new centring unit from SMC that helps to align and position heavy workpieces on the move, so manufacturers can install and operate more compact conveyor lines.

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Décembre 2017

SMC’s new cylinder with lock unit guarantees easy handling

The MWB Series cylinder from SMC, features a separate lock unit that has been designed with the operator in mind. Versatility and simplicity are key to this latest design with installation and maintenance time kept to a minimum.

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Don’t let static be an issue this winter

Static electricity is an invisible but costly problem for manufacturers that can cause both production issues and lower quality products. This issue can only get worse as winter sets in and temperatures plummet, warns SMC.

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Novembre 2017

SMC remains in pole position with enhanced air slide table

SMC has launched an air slide table that is believed to be the most precise, compact and lightweight, offering outstanding performance.

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"Le marché automobile a souvent été précurseur des innovations technologiques, pour l'amélioration et l'optimisation des systèmes de production. Nous sommes prêts à répondre à cette nouvelle évolution et à ses nouveaux besoins."

Nicola Furchì | Directeur industrie, Automobile et Machines