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SMC’s new cylinder with lock unit guarantees easy handling

The MWB Series cylinder from SMC, features a separate lock unit that has been designed with the operator in mind. Versatility and simplicity are key to this latest design with installation and maintenance time kept to a minimum.

MWB is the newest addition to SMC’s cylinder with lock range and features a detachable lock unit that is easy to replace, allowing for easy maintenance and delivering significant benefits to operators.

The lock can be manually operated with a hexagon wrench and the unlock status maintained without the need for pressurising the unlock port, making for easy installation and a reduction in labour costs.

Thanks to these features, the MWB is extremely flexible, as operators can either use it with or without the locking function. They also have the option to order the lock unit separately, so it can be placed with other cylinders and components, such as actuators.

A spokesperson from SMC, the world’s leading expert in pneumatics, said: “We are always listening to our customers and looking for ways to enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs.


“The MWB, with separate and manually operated lock unit, offers our customers greater flexibility and functionality, while being very simple to install, use and maintain, making it the ideal partner for those seeking a user-friendly safety component.”

The MWB is also highly reliable and delivers optimum performance thanks to a holding force of up to 6080 N and an excellent stopping accuracy of ±1 mm, making it ideal for automation and manufacturing industries that require drop prevention or intermediate and emergency stops along the rod movement.

1 déc. 2017