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SMC’s launches new air saving speed controllers

SMC has launched two air saving speed controllers that reduce energy consumption and are as simple to operate as standard models.

SMC, the worldwide leading experts in pneumatics, continues to demonstrate its environmental credentials with the launch of two energy efficient speed controllers, AS-R and AS-Q.

The new AS-R has been cleverly designed to decrease the supply pressure at the return stroke of the cylinder to 0.2 MPa, which reduces air consumption by up to 30% and makes it ideal for applications where there is only one working stroke, such as lifting, pressing, clamping or transferring workpieces.

To complement the AS-R, the AS-Q compensates for the delay time that is associated with pressure reduction by delivering rapid air supply.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “Typically, speed controllers consume the same amount of air equally with both the working and return stroke. With the launch of the AS-R and AS-Q it has never been easier to achieve an efficient process, whereby pressure levels are optimised.”

Featuring a fixed setting pressure of 0.2 MPa, only one handle is required to operate either controller. The single handle is used to regulate the cylinder speed which is easily adjusted through a one-step push-lock type handle by one rotation of 270°, with marks every 45° to ensure reproducibility of the set flow.

1 juin 2017