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EXW1/EX600-W Series

Less is definitely more

Is the number of cables a hassle for you? Do you experience many setbacks due to cable breakages and disconnections in your facilities?

Or maybe just because you fancy the simplicity of wireless products; EXW1/EX600-W is your solution. A decentralised wireless fieldbus system, which allows the connection of several remote units to a base unit without having to use communication cables.

Although suitable for all industrial sectors, most of the applications to date have been for robots and robot peripherals. The power packs found in systems such as robots and turntables subject the communication cables they carry to extreme twists and turns, eventually causing them to fatigue and break. With SMC’s unique wireless system, we can basically eliminate any cables that carry electrical control signals.

The benefits of SMC's Wireless System for you:

  • Less cabling. Less installation time. Less downtime. Less hassle. Less – Compact and modular wireless systems
  • Achieve totally secure, reliable and noise-resistant communication – Frequency hopping and data encryption in the 2.4 GHz ISM band
  • Put it to work anywhere – Suitable for any application, being ideal for tool changes in robot arms or rotary/indexing tables
  • Introduce flexibility in your machines – Simple layout modification and quick connection & start-up.

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EX600-W related information

Are you keen on a technical approach to wireless in modern production?

Download SMC’s Expert Report and discover how present the wireless is on a daily basis, a revolutionary breakthrough in the industry. Modern solution that reduces maintenance, making you forget all the problems the communication cables produce. Learn how wireless helps improving OEE and all the opportunities this brings.

See for yourself how with SMC “Less is definitely more"

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Wireless robotics: where less is definitely more

 By Juanjo Jubete, Wireless Unit Product Specialist, SMC Spain

MARCH 2022
Ever yearned for a wireless communication system for your robotics? Fed up with cables and their associated breakages and disconnections? Want lower installation and maintenance costs? Well, wireless robotics is now a reality. In fact, it’s been here for some time, providing totally reliable, noise-resistant communication at a growing number of manufacturers that have adopted the completely unique Wireless Unit from SMC. To help anyone who is still hesitant about wireless communication technology, Juanjo Jubete, Wireless Unit Product Specialist, at SMC Spain, addresses a number of common concerns in this short Q&A.

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Time to be doubtless about wireless

 By Alejandro Molinero, Product Manager, SMC Spain

Wireless technology is seeing rapid uptake within the industrial sector, particularly on shop floors where a degree of mobility and freedom is required, such as in robot, automated guided vehicle (AGV) and RFID tracking device applications. But there remain plenty more areas where this technology could make a real difference to operations in terms of reduced costs and increased reliability.

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