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Electric Rotary Actuator - LER

Turns endlessly until it finds its place

  • Precise endless rotation – Positioning repeatability ± 0.03 mm. 360º rotation
  • Never lose the position. Reduce machine start-up – Battery-less absolute encoder
  • Stop it when you need it – 90º and 180º external stoppers
  • Enhanced high-speed and acceleration – Up to 420º/s. Up to 3000º/s².

And much more

  • Body size: 10, 30 and 50 mm
  • Rotation angle: 320º (battery-less type) and 360º (standard type)
  • Acceleration: up to 3000 mm/s²
  • Angular speed: up to 420 º/s
  • Step motor type
  • Encoder: incremental & battery-less absolute
  • Compatible controllers: LECP1, LECPA and JXC#1.

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