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SMC gives the power of motion to customers

SMC customers can feel the full force of its electric actuator range thanks to ongoing investment in its product portfolio that now delivers total movement and control for any application.

SMC has stepped up a gear to give its customers freedom of movement and control with its wide range of electric actuators and controllers that now offer a total solution and greater adaptability across a variety of applications.

Workpieces can be moved in any direction and at a variety of speeds and loads thanks to the full range of mechanics and controllers available from SMC. “At SMC we work closely with our customers and respond to their needs.  Today, we offer a complete series of mechanics and controllers so our customers have the freedom of choice to move workpieces in any which way they need.  Importantly, they don’t have to adapt to our products; our products are designed to adapt to their needs,” said a spokesperson from SMC.

SMC’s series of mechanics have been developed for environmental resistance, and include basic designs to those that are built to cope with specialist conditions, such as, clean room specifications, dust-tight/water-jet-proof or secondary battery compatible.

Further flexibility is achieved with the introduction of SMC’s LE motorless, which is ideal for operators who require the mechanics but prefer to use their own motors. 

Alternatively, operators can opt for a pre-configured and fully-equipped solution that, with just one part number, gives them a complete package featuring all the essential components from mechanics and control to wiring.

Handing total control to customers, SMC has also developed a range of controllers to complement the mechanics on offer.  The portfolio offers digital I/O commanded controllers, whereby operators can achieve direct parametrization at the controller, and the choice of DC servo/step, with programless or step by step programming, or AC servo motors.

Taking its controllers to the next level to give additional direct network connectivity to a range of protocols, including the key players EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET and ETHERCAT, SMC has introduced the JXC*1 and JXC*3 fieldbus command controllers. Whilst the JXC*1 controls one actuator, the JXC*3 can control up to four devices and allows for synchronization or arc/linear interpolation. The JXC*3 offers two models – one commanded by parallel digital I/O and the other commanded by Fieldbus technology and compatible with EtherNet/IP™.

This combined advanced functionality and remote control and diagnosis, means that SMC’s electric actuators are the ideal partners for the Industry 4.0 scenario, helping customers to deliver the smart factory concept. 

“There is no doubt that, for those who are moving towards Industry 4.0, SMC offers the smart solutions for smart factories.  We work in partnership with our customers and our electric actuator and controller range has been developed to meet their requirements and give them the freedom of movement and control they require.” concluded SMC spokesperson.

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1 Μαϊ 2017