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SMC helps customers ‘EXpand’ their communications

The sharp growth in manufacturing automation and the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things has seen a rise in interest for SMC’s serial interface solutions.

To meet this demand for easy access to data and streamlined industrial communication highways, SMC has expanded its fieldbus EX portfolio creating a comprehensive range for a variety of applications.

All provide considerable savings in terms of wiring, connectors, installation and set-up time through to generating electrical diagrams, labelling and documentation.   In addition, the EX range has been developed to be as versatile and ‘multi-lingual’ as possible as all the solutions are compatible with EtherNet-based and other common industrial protocols. 

Furthermore, SMC’s fieldbus solutions are incredibly adaptable when it comes to machine upgrades or additional machine integration as it is possible to place any SMC valve manifold with the EX range and replace the valves without changing the SI units. 

For example, the EX260 Series is a centralised and compact solution for solenoid valves, with up to 32 outputs.  For more complex control systems, the EX600 serial interface unit features 512 I/O points offering greater flexibility, with both digital and analogue input/output devices allowing various components to connect to it.  Efficiencies are achieved through self diagnosis, delivering easier maintenance and status and settings can be performed on a general purpose web browser thanks to a built-in web server function. 

Alternatively, the EX500 is a decentralised Gateway fieldbus system for solenoid valves, with 128 I/O points and as many as four branches, each extending up to 20m long.  It also has the ability to conduct operations and diagnostics remotely, as well as the capacity to manage output devices other than manifolds, such as lights and buzzers, by using output blocks.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “The use of fieldbus technology in manufacturing has vastly improved the communication process in terms of remote control and diagnosis, providing substantial savings when it comes to reporting and maintenance. 

“However, at SMC we have taken this a step further to meet the growing appetite for Industry 4.0 by offering our customers flexible and adaptable communications solutions that not only offer complete control of different pneumatic and electric components, but the capability to change their machines any time.  Ultimately, through our continuous investment in R&D and global expertise we are able to offer a total solution for all automation needs.”

SMC is the world leading expert in pneumatics and offers over 12,000 basic products with over 700,000 variations. The company has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information, please visit

1 Μαϊ 2017